Keith Cleversley Ripoff, Lieing manipulator. Luminous Music and The Playground,, This individual ripped me off for 75 dollars for non delivery of product which he admitted not sending and refused to refund my money. Chicago Illinois

Keith Cleversley - Luminous Music and The Playground - -
Chicago Illinois 60612
Phone Number:

I had to report him to my credit card company to force him to refund my money. This individual owns and runs several online businesses:

All in Chicago.

This guy is one money held higher than anything else manipulating liar who will do anything for money and screw anyone who gets in his way.

Chicago, Illinois

IAmShaman - Response to RipOff Report

I will never cease to be disappointed by what a very select few decide to do with their time (especially when it's possibly competitors).  I am Bodhi, owner of the IAmShaman Shop (and other shops such as Shaman's Garden; our new shopping cart) listed in this report. We have been in business for many years now, and we, as of this writing, have over 350,000 satisfied customers (and counting) who we treasure deeply.  We and all the Shaman Elves believe deeply in our mission, and this sometimes, on more than one occasion, has angered a rare few people to the point of threats of violence against me and my shop.  (You can see all we try to do in our Conservation, Worthy Causes & Your Voice article.)

First; my direct response to the above claim:  There was never a chargeback for anything between $70.00 to $80.00 to our account anywhere within 3 months on either side of the above complaint.  We also tried, on multiple occasions to contact the person who wrote it so we could discuss their grievance, but were never able to track them down.  And actually, RipOffReport is known for publishing negative reports without regard for truth, and without holding the poster of the report responsible; ever.  Just try it for yourself and you will see; you can post anything you wish about anyone, period...just make up a fake company you have a complaint about, say whatever you want, and will be posted, no questions asked.  When I tried to get the (fake) offensive post removed, I was told that, for a (quite large) "Processing Fee", I would be able to remove the post in question. 

Either way, it's completely out of sync with our standard policy at IAmShaman, which includes: "Treat every customer as if they are someone who would post in every place possible if they were unhappy with us, our service, or our products."

I was an aggravated exotic botanical customer myself, and decided to start a shop that had real people answering phones, complete with multiple order updates, same day shipping, and all the things I wished the ethnobotanical companies I ordered from on a regular basis offered me.  So, besides caring for our customers like no one else we have ever encountered, this is exactly why we offer our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as our Customer Appreciation Program to our numerous repeat customers.  It's also why we have real humans answering phones and e-mails, and why we offer LiveChat; we enjoy addressing any concerns, questions, or complaints our customers may have. We know the power of the web, and respect the immense power that each individual customer can have because of it.  We've even added an Interactive Answer Center on IAmShaman and a Knowledge Base on Shaman's Garden.

But, with so many customers over so much time, it's literally impossible to please everyone: We've had unsuccessful hack attempts, a right-wing religious group uploading religious songs to our MP3 server, and a few rare customers, who, no matter what we try to do for them, just want to be angry and upset. We cannot prevent this; it is inevitable, and all we can do is let our reputation stand for itself, while continuing to do the best we can with all we do (which goes way beyond shipping a wide range of top quality products the same day we receive your order!)

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is found here: IAmShaman Shop Guarantee as well as on our new shopping cart (same site, same company at Shaman's Garden 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

And, since you've made it this far, if you'd like to give us a try, I offer you a special coupon code that will give you 10% off your first order at our shop. Simply type BBBREPORT into the “Coupons” sections of the shopping cart at our site, and 10% will be taken off your order. With that; thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. 

Person to person for a second: I'm not some giant corporation who cares only about money; I started IAmShaman and Shaman's Garden because I was tired of waiting forever for my products with no humans to help me choose, decide, or tell me what my order status was.  This has grown into WAY more than I had ever imagined, but it's still me; Bodhi, doing my best to fight against the powers that be to bring you all of the unique products we offer, with a few dear friends who help me make it all happen.  never forget that we're all on the same sight, mutually fighting the powers that be for our freedom of thought, and the ability to choose for ourselves what we put into our bodies and minds, just as the Constitution of the United States was designed to protect.

Finally, to the poster of the above (and any other negative comments of a similar vibe anywhere) comment, if you would like to simply post your order number so we can offer our side of the story with specific details related to your issue, please do. Only then would we have a fair chance to offer a defense to the allegations you’ve presented anonymously on this site.  I will respond personally; just send off an e-mail to me at shamanelf at iamshaman dot com.  I am a real person, with a real mission, and only want to do my small part to help raise the consciousness of those around me in some small way.  My shops are that way, and I will always be here fighting, no matter how hard others' try to destroy all we (including you) work for.