Cheap Hydroponic Cultivation of Salvia Divinorum
by Alex

I am currently growing salvia hydroponically. My setup is as follows:

- 3 parts perlite / 1 part vermiculite
- Miracle Grow Patio (20-20-20) fertilizer, 1/2tsp per Gallon
- 24 hours of light, with 2 x 48" fluorescent soft white bulbs.
- The smallest air pump Whisper makes, with two "air stones," about 6" long each, airating the water.

The cutting is residing in a gallon water bottle with holes through the bottom for draining/irrigation. the bottle is in a large (2'x3'x8") tub, with about 1.5" of water/fertilizer in the bottom.

Total Cost of Setup:

- Tub - $5 at Wal-Mart
- Fertilizer - $3 at Home Depot
- Shop Light (with bulbs) - $10 at Home Depot
- Vermiculite 8qt - $3 at Home Depot
- Perlite 8qt - $3 at Home Depot
- Water Jug (as if you didn't have one) - $1.00
- Salvia cutting - Cut from other plants which were given to me by a friend

Power consumption is probably less than 40W.

E-mail me for updates on the success of this.
The plant looks super happy at the moment! :) :)


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