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When I close my eyes, my mind's eye awakens to a glowing curtain of light through which I see my altered state floating on an ocean of images and ideas that flow to the edge of my identity, sometimes raging and sometimes whispering like a tide under the caress of a full moon in October reaching for the shore leaving my old soul in its wake.

This is a world where anything is possible, anything can be real. It is only limited by how much you need to dream. Look beyond your eyes, becuase here the winds are made of vibrant colours. Mists resonate of voices that call out from the beauty within, where light and dark can be fused as one. I become one with all the beings on this plane - I feel a sense of total contentment every time I'm able to meld this world with reality as it's perceived. I become an extension of the powers that be through my brush.

I hope what I have said makes some kind of sense - if it does then my smile can be a little brighter, if not, try thinking with your heart. - Jeff Bardeau

Jeff Bardeau