John Vega is a digital artist and animator living in Boulder, CO, USA. As a veteran of 15 years in commercial art, John honed his new media skills and collected awards as a top interface designer, interactive art director and motion graphics artist. John has created world-class interface and motion graphics work for many fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Apple, GE, IBM, Sprint, and Janus Funds.

After the sale of his successful new media design business in 2001, John went on a yearlong sabbatical to explore the connections between the metaphysical and digital art. Out of this vision quest came profound transformation (more info) as John began to explore transpersonal themes in the digital realm. As a result of taking time away from the commercial world, John has become a collaborator with seminal net artist Mark Amerika and a student of Visionary Artists Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann.

John teaches digital art as an adjunct at the University of Colorado-Boulder and is on the advisory board for the CU-Denver College of Arts and Media (for digital animation). His transpersonal net art and digital visionary art can be found in several online galleries and museum exhibitions.

"The visionary, transpersonal art of John Vega provides a powerful, illuminating expression both in oil on canvas and pixels in the digital realm. That he can crossover from one medium to the other with such masterly dexterity, and unique vision, is a tribute to his creative expansiveness, as well as being a pleasure to all those who enjoy his art." - Robert Venosa