Our treasured forum changed ownership in 2003.

We are thrilled at what www.entheology.org is doing for the spiritual community,  they were interested in hosting a forum, so we donated ours to them.  Since our shop went online after we started a successful forum, the rules changed for us.  We could no longer engage in some of the kinds of discussions that we're thrilled people have the freedom to engage in.  We do not offer many of our products here for consumption in any way, so we had to make the difficult decision to leave the forum in capable hands instead.

They will keep the same high standards, and they will take the same care in
the security and privacy of every member as we did at IAmShaman.

Arutama is a very dear and trusted friend and is the Administrator over there.

Only the address is different; everything else about the forum will be exactly as it was.


Entheo World Eyes Forum

Exercise your Freedom of Speech
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