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Browse our Archive of Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Cash, eChecks, and Money Orders. When using a store bought pre-paid card or gift card please make sure it is approved for international transactions and register it before use. This will help prevent possible delays in order processing. Instructions for registering your particular card can usually be found on the packaging on the back of your card. Make sure any card is approved for online, electronic, or international use.

For eChecks, You place your order and choose "eCheck" at checkout. Fill in your 9-digit routing number and bank account number. If you would prefer to give your info over the phone place your order anytime and leave the eCheck fields blank. Then give us a call during normal business hours to process your eCheck instantly right over the phone.

Orders ship as quickly as credit card orders, and you save any credit card fees or interest!

Again eChecks are for US Customers only. We cannot process checks from foreign banks.

For CASH or MONEY ORDER payments it is helpful to place the order online yourself choosing Money Order as your payment method at check out. This way you are sure to know the correct order total and it also helps us process your order faster!

Money orders should be made payable to the IAmShaman Shop. Money orders must be in US dollars. Cash must be US dollars.

Send payments to this address:

IAmShaman Shop
770 Sycamore #493
Vista, CA 92083

Q: How will my purchase appear on my card statement?

A: Purchases will appear on your card statement one of two descriptors. Please call or email for yours.

Q: There's Fraud On My Credit Card!

A: We only use trusted and 100% secure credit card processors that use more features than standard merchant accounts, including data encryption for safe and secure online credit card processing.

As an added security measure, we also do NOT keep any sensitive customer information on our servers. As soon as an order is shipped (which is within 24 hours 99% of the time), we encrypt customer's credit card information. Then, the only sensitive information in relation to any transaction with us, is directly on the credit card company's servers. They also require specific password configurations from us, and also ensure that we rotate them every 30 days.

Most importantly, though, we don't store any credit card information in our databases; the only place the credit card information is stored, is at the credit card processor itself. We rotate our usernames and passwords once a week, and are constantly monitoring and scanning for any suspicious activity.

We also have a company that monitors our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any hack attempts.

If your information is compromised, more often than not, hackers get a hold of information before it reaches our servers, either through spyware, Trojans, or other malicious software on our customer's machines. If you are ever unsure if your own system is free from viruses, you can call us to place your order over the phone and we'll use our secure system to enter the information for you.

Some banks charge their cardholders an additional fee for offshore transactions or for International Transaction Charges. This is the cardholder's bank charging them for processing with a bank outside of the US and is outside of our control. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us FIRST. It is a good idea to contact your bank ahead of time to let them know you are expecting a charge on your card as some banks may decline an offshore charge.

Q: Do you sell Salvia?

A: No. We naturally stopped selling Salvia in enough time to make sure we had none left in our shop when it actually became illegal in Illinois. Although we miss Salvia dearly, there are countless amazing botanicals that we still offer and always will. We feel that Salvia has made its way into the consciousness of countless spiritual explorers and we like to think we played a part in that. Though we deeply believe that adult spiritual explorers should have the freedom to know the sacred botanicals of so many cultures throughout history, we treasure our freedom too much to do anything outside of the law.

Q: How quickly are orders shipped?

A: All orders submitted before 3pm Central Standard Time on business days are processed the same day they are received. Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend will be shipped the next business day.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping prices vary depending on the weight and destination of your order. You will be able to view all available shipping methods and rates before completing check-out.

Q: Do you use discreet packaging?

A: Yes! All packages ship in plain brown boxes or USPS/FedEx supplied packaging. The return address is simply "Shipping Dept."

Q: Hey, I'm in Chicago - can I pick my order up?

A: No. While we treasure our customers and would probably love to meet you, we do not have a brick and mortar retail space as we are an online shop exclusively. The answer remains a firm yet kind no. That's our policy and we're sticking to it.

Q: Are there shipping restrictions?

A: We no longer ship many of our products to the state of Louisiana due to a sweeping. Also, due to state bans, we are unable to ship Kratom to the following US states; Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Orders with restrictions shipping to these states will be refunded.

We are also unable to ship internationally to Estonia, Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Nigeria, or North Korea. It is important to note that it is up to each customer to be familiar with their own country's laws; we are not responsible for mistakenly sending any products that may be confiscated by Customs. International orders are shipped at your own risk!

Q: What shipping methods are available?

A: We offer the following shipping methods:

Priority Mail with the United States Post Office. When you check out you will see an estimated shipping time of 1, 2, or 3 business days. While that is an estimate and is not guaranteed, typically the post office is pretty spot on with their projection. Priority Mail is arrives every day but Sunday and is delivered with your regular letter carrier.

Priority Mail Express with the United States Post Office. Mostly arrives next day, but sometimes takes two days. THIS SHIPPING METHOD REQUIRES A SIGNATURE. IF YOU WON'T BE AVAILABLE TO SIGN FOR YOUR PACKAGE YOU MUST REQUEST NO SIGNATURE IN THE ORDER NOTES SECTION. FedEx Express is much more reliable. Only choose Priority Mail Express if you have a PO Box.

FedEx Express offers Next Day AM delivery with Priority Overnight, Next Day afternoon delivery with Standard Overnight, and guaranteed 2-Day Delivery with FedEx 2nd Day Express. On Fridays an additional option is available by request only, Saturday Delivery. You must contact us to receive Saturday Delivery and it is typically $10-15 extra, otherwise your order will arrive Monday or the next business day on Monday holidays. FedEx Express services are guaranteed to arrive when they say they will with the lone exception being weather delays. It typically takes a hurricane or massive blizzard to slow down FedEx Express.

We also offer FedEx Ground/Home Delivery. If you are shipping with Home Delivery that typically arrives in the evening. Home Delivery arrives every day but Sunday. FedEx Ground is typically delivered during the business day and does not arrive on Saturday or Sunday. Alaska and Hawaii customers must ship with USPS.

Q: What is your return/replacement policy?

A: We are happy to issue a refund for or replace any items that arrive damaged, missing, or otherwise not as described. Even if your original order was shipped via an express shipping option and a replacement is issued, the replacement will ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. If you are ever unhappy with a product you receive from us you are welcome to issue a request for a refund or replacement along with the product in its original packaging to the address below:

IAmShaman Shop
ATTN: Returns
PO BOX 12618
CHICAGO IL 60612-1502

Refunds are issued for the amount of the returned product and do not include the price of shipping as this is a cost we cannot recover.

Q: Why IAmShaman?

A: Because we take great care in all we do, because we advocate responsibility, we don't sell to minors, we contribute a portion of all sales to worthy causes which can be found HERE, because all of our products are organic, and because we have the absolute lowest prices and the highest quality herbal products, extracts, resins, and tinctures. Please don't let our low prices fool you; no one sells the quality products that we offer for less.

Q: What About Your Prviacy Policy?

A: Our entire KnowledgeBase is over at IAS/SG KnowledgeBase.

We know how critical your privacy is, especially when it comes to preserving your rights as responsible adults to choose the products you wish to purchase. Because of this, neither IAmShaman or ShamansGarden share your information with ANYONE, and to accomplish this mission-critical task, we have taken many steps to ensure your privacy:

1. We never store your credit card information on our servers. It is stored only on your respective credit card company's servers.

2. We purposely do not have "customer accounts" to protect potential hackers from gaining any private information that many other sites store on their servers, such as credit card information. We only keep your order information in our database for 3 months, where it is then archived offline.

3. We are a fully licensed company with the DEA and the FDA, and do so to protect both you and us. When you order from us, know that we are a completely legitimate and transparent company who has nothing to hide, and does everything within the letter of the law.

4. Customer information is used solely for billing purposes and for notifying customers of future updates to our products, only if expressly requested by the customer. The Information in the customer database is not available for sale or other use by anyone outside of IAmShaman. Similarly, the information of all visitors who join our affiliate program is never made available outside of IAmShaman either.

5. We are members of "Hacker Safe"; a company that has real technicians who monitor our website 24/7 for any hack attempts from anywhere.

6. We use 256 bit SSL security for every transaction on our site. In fact, if you wish, you can put an "s" at the end of "http" to make your every move on our website completely secure and encrypted. In other words, you can enter (or our old site at https:/// and navigate either website in complete security.

7. We keep our servers in Canada, which makes it even more difficult if someone wished to get their hands on any of our customer information or mailing lists. Our full-time legal team ensures that we are operating completely within the letter of the law, making your time with us completely worry-free. How many websites can offer you that? - Be careful with whom you choose to do business with...we've been doing it longer than anyone else, and that isn't by accident.

Honestly, we're on the same team as you; spiritual explorers who are working daily to protect and preserve our rights and our privacy. We want you to feel as safe and secure as possible throughout your experience with us, because we know that we want to feel as safe and secure in our own transactions on the web, especially when choosing products and services that are completely legal, but frowned upon by certain uninformed members of our society.

If you have any questions about your privacy on our web sites, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to alleviate any fears or concerns you may have.



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