The Salvia Divinorum Grower's Guide

By Sociedad Para La Preservation De Las Plantas Del Misterio

ISBN: 1-890425-01-X
Published in 1998 By Spectral Mindustries
Box 73401 Davis, CA 95617-3401


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`Few have heard of it.
Fewer know what it looks like.
Fewer still have ever met the sagely ally,
yet the alliance forms invisible links
wherever it goes...'

Dale Pendell, Pharmako/Poeia

...welcome fellow friend of mystery plants!

There are almost 1000 species in the genus Salvia, but none quite like the "sage of seers," Salvia divinorum. As its English colloquial names suggest ("diviner's sage," and "sage of seers"), Salvia divinorum is linked to the human mind in a most mysterious way. Your authors have been blessed to have a growing relationship with this exotic friend, and it is our wish that you too will catch and fan the sparks of joy cast out by this "hidden pearl".