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Because of our treasured customers, we have been able to accomplish much over the past years.  On your behalf, we now support several causes that we feel the entire community would believe in. We've also been able to bypass many third party suppliers so we can deal directly with organic herbal farmers or indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Rainforests, Africa, and elsewhere, and we've even started our extremely high-quality "Private Reserve" products grown on our own land in the United States and India.


We have discovered that many struggling peoples are eager to find alternative ways to sustain both their culture, their communities, and their forests, without having to resort to things such as cutting down their trees to make room for cattle farming for the beef industry, or whatever other undesirable options get presented in order to survive.  With your loyalty, we've been able to help make that dream come true for them and us, and the planet as a whole.  We've also contracted with several tribal shaman to carry products not found elsewhere such as the Shaman Rattle Root, and we purchased the Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii as well as our farms in India where we grow our "Private Reserve", as a way to develop a complete line of Kava products as well. 

Present projects include:

For anyone with a vision to help save our planet:

For our own community in Chicago:

For the American Indians in the United States:

For indigenous cultures and emerging nations elsewhere:

For personal freedom:

We are continually looking to expand upon this exciting system of direct purchasing.  We buy our Siberian Amanita muscaria from a small religious cult that still practices today.  Our Kratom comes from a supplier who cares about the forest he gets his leaves from, and actually helps encourage new growth.  Our African Dream Herb comes directly from a tribe that uses the African Dream Herb in their present-day rituals.  Africa, we are discovering, is a vast untapped resource for entheogens.  The main feature of most Shamanistic African tribe, is that they concentrate on herbs that induce vivid dream imagery, because they believe that they contact their ancestors through dreams.  We are searching for the plants most used by these cultures before the knowledge of them disappears altogether.

Refer back to this page often to see what other products we are carrying that are purchased directly from indigenous cultures, tribal groups, and struggling artisans both home and abroad.  Much of our Tibetan incense is purchased from Artisans in Nepal and Tibet, and the gift boxes come directly from the artisans themselves.


No matter what products we carry at the shop, we only buy from suppliers who do not steal their crops form indigenous or protected lands, and who are ethical and trustworthy in all aspects of their business.  This often costs more, but we don't care.  The reason I began this place in the first place, is because I was tired of waiting weeks for my products, while paying incredibly high prices for low quality, and I was also tired of never being able to reach anyone by phone, as my repeated e-mails went unanswered.  I thought that there must be a better way and set out to create that better way.

So, this is a team effort that wouldn't be possible without our loyal customers, and we are more than pleased with what we have been able to accomplish already.  Whenever you buy any of the above products, know that they come direct from the source, and that you are helping cultures that are disappearing at an alarming rate, find ways of surviving in harmony with their environment, protecting it for future generations.  Admittedly, this is only a drop in the bucket, but we feel that a drop is better than nothing at all, and we hope that other importers and venders will take this example and do the same.

My dream was to find a way to help support both the entheogen community, and support, in whatever small way, to conserve the rainforests and indigenous cultures that are disappearing at an alarming rate.  None of it would have been possible if it weren't for so many people spreading the word about our shop and our work, and for that we are eternally grateful, and it's something we and I try to never forget.  We show our thanks in keeping our prices low, by keeping the quality extraordinarily high, by continually researching and adding new products that we believe in, and through our unparalleled customer service.

Together, we truly believe that we can all make a difference. - Bodhi (Keith)