How Can Your Prices Be So Low?

We get that A LOT, and are quite used to it, actually.  But, I have the same answer since I’ve had from the 1st day I decided to open this shop:  I was tired of paying extremely high prices for exotic botanicals of questionable quality, with no actual person to speak to when I ordered them, for what I thought was a TON of money, as I was left to wait weeks for my order to arrive.  It seemed as though the companies selling these entheogens and ethnobotanicals felt as though I should be happy that they’re selling me these products at all, and that I should simply shut up, be happy, and wait patiently for my stuff!

Surely there must be a better way, I thought.

So, I thought that if there was a way I could find out where to source these products myself, I could at least offer my favorite of these; Salvia divinorum on the forum that I had started specifically to seek others who held Salvia divinorum as sacred as I do.  When I posted these thoughts on my forum (I had a forum long before I decided to open an online shop), a dear soul, who worked for a now-defunct online entheogen dealer, made himself known to me.  His name was Tim.

He offered to sell me Salvia divinorum in large enough quantities to be able to make some extracts and to sell it to others for nearly my cost on our forum.  Another dear friend on the forum named Sphere, also taught me how to extract this beautiful and sacred plant, and I was off and running.

I took what I had learned from Sphere, and started to extract Salvia divinorum, as we both refined and perfected the process along the way.  I was able to provide everyone on the forum with hand-made extracts of this amazing plant, and one of my dearest connections on the forum as well as spiritual guru; John Morley, suggested that I open a small online shop to actually sell this extract.  Since I made extract by hand, with passion, love, and incredible diligence, why not share it with as many as possible.

With much contemplation, realizing that if I sold this plant, I couldn’t start the Church of the Divine Sage that I so desperately wanted to start for me and everyone on the forum.  So, IAmShaman the forum, now had the IAmShaman Shop as an offshoot of the forum.  Yes, I never imagined that the tiny forum I started as a beacon to my experiences with Salvia divinorum would ever lead me to the places it did, especially starting a shop to sell it, and then finding myself in the incredible place I find myself now.

Long story short, I continued to make contacts and more friends who knew of places to source ex0tic botanicals and entheogens. Slowly, I added more products to the small list, and decided that if I was going to actually open a shop, that I wanted it to be EVERYTHING that I wished other online shops were but weren’t.

The IAmShaman philosophy and shop were born!  I wanted to provide the highest quality botanicals at the lowest prices, while shipping out these botanicals the SAME DAY.  I also wanted to have a phone number that people could call, to find out what was going on with their order, or to ask product questions, or whatever else they needed.

It turns out that more fellow spiritual explorers than I ever imagined had wished the same things when it came to buying entheogens and ethnobotanicals online, and the shop grew faster than I ever imagined it would or could.

Since then, my mission has remained the same, and we are still dedicated and devoted to offering the highest quality botanicals at the lowest prices.  Any extra cash goes straight back into the shop, to develop new contacts, to buy farming fields to grow our own products, and most recently; to offer the one-of-a-kind IAmShaman Grant, which we hope to expand every year, as well as the Private Reserve line of products we proudly offer.

I have never forgotten that it’s our treasured customers who made this all happen, and I want to continue to give back in every way I can think of until this body becomes too rickety to carry on.  My hope is that someone else will eventually take over the shop and continue to fight for the freedom of thought and the preservation of knowledge of these sacred plants, just like the folks at Erowid and Entheology and so many others are doing.

In fact, I will still offer you a personal response to any question you may have. no matter how many orders we ship.  We surpassed 500,000 customers total in late 2010, and our attention to remaining completely legal and licensed has a lot to do with that.  Simply e-mail me, Bodhi, at bodhi at iamshaman dot com, and I promise that I will get back to you as soon as I can. Or, simply post on this blog; I am the only person who writes in it, so anything you write here, will get a personal response from me.


  1. Glen

    You sound like a cool guy, Bodhi. I’m looking forward to my first order with you arriving in the mail soon.


  2. Brian Rodgers

    I have to say of all herb stores of this kind, i have not seen prices of products so low, with great quality products, when i had problems in the past Iamshamn resolved my problem. The shipping charge is the lowest ive seen from The US to Canada Quebec, no wonder i oredered twice in 2 days, and been orderiing with them for 1 year now on and off, honest company is all i can say keeps me from coming back, thank you iamshaman:)

  3. Ben

    It’s great to see such PASSION behind a business, & such a desire to really do something meaningful and valuable for others. I loved reading this post!

  4. brad

    This website is awesome props to you guys for the amazing customer service you provide. My order was placed on a sunday and received on that wednesday morning . I have heard of people having problems with product satisfaction ordering from online vendors, but this is a consistent reliable vendor. Two thumbs up!!

  5. Bodhi Shaman

    It means the world to us when people take the time to post something positive, rather than just post when they’re angry. Says volumes about you as a person, and thank you for making our day just a little brighter here!

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