Who’s Cart Is Who’s?

sg-280x70Although it’s been quite some time, we still get asked about whether or not ShamansGarden is indeed us.  We offer an emphatic “Yes!” in response!  We’re not trying to hide anything, nor was our intent to confuse our treasured customers.  The short version of that story is that we knew our current cart at IAmShaman was not very upgradable, and our look is a little, well…dated.

Our solution was to build a newer, bigger, faster shopping cart, easily upgradable, and with lots of features our customers wish existed on IAmShaman.  And that’s how ShamansGarden was born.  We were even going to write “301 Redirects” once the new website was complete, and we were going to move my project of over a decade; The IAmShaman Shop” to the new site and cart and server.

But, I just couldn’t get myself to let go of IAmShaman, and couldn’t pull the trigger to remove it from the internet once ShamansGarden came online.  What’s more, is that when ShamansGarden deployed, even though it was the same product line as IAmShaman, it started to rank completely differently than IAmShaman across the internet.

That created quite a dilemma for us, and after considerable thought at all the positives and negatives, we decided that having to deal with 2 carts instead of one would be worth the effort, as we could now offer our customers more options.

IAmShaman will always be log-in free.  ShamansGarden will always require a login.  Although both are equally secure, and in over a decade online, we’re very proud to be one of the few exotic botanical vendors who have never had their database compromised, despite several attempts.  So, we let both of them continue to build their own customer and fan base, letting them diverse naturally, and seeing what kind of life they took on of their own.

So far, it’s proven to be quite an interesting experiment, and since we’re known for offering as wide a variety of the same product as possible (Kratom is a good example as is our line of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds), why not offer a choice in shopping carts as well?

If you have a preference, I’d love to know in the comments section, as well as why you have a preference.

Sarva Shanti, Bodhi (Keith)

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