Where Can I Find Out More?

We’ve been asked this question so many times, and I wish I had a better answer for everyone.  We have some very strict rules we have to follow at the shop, so the information we provide you with regarding our products is the most complete information we are able, by law, to give you.  Every bit of information we have for a product is in the Expanded Description page, found by clicking any product image in the shop, or the link just under the title of a product. There are in increasing number of resources on the web these days, including affiliate sites of ours, such as The Kratom Shop, The Amanita Shop, Entheology.org, and many others.  We even found an Alterative Search Engine called Link-to-Me, which has a growing number of reseources for the spiritual explorer. We believe so deeply in being able to offer you such a wide variety of rare and exotic botanicals, and will do whatever we need to do to preserve our ability to do just that.  Look through our site, browse our Answer Center, speak to us via LiveChat of by phone, and we are willing to answer your questions and concerns six days per week.



    I had stopped doing anything but physician prescribed medications for the last 20+ years due to wanting to keep legal, and worry free. I am a musician, Painting Craftsman, and a lisenced Medical Laboratory Technician. A husband, father, and grandfather to boot, so I have alot to be concerned about when it comes to my reputation, and status in this Politically Correct society we are living in.

    I love to read, and came across different sites that offered botanicals, kits etc… that were not only legal, but relatively inexpensive. The more I read the more homework I did. I tried one of the smoke shops, and was not real impressed, and dug deeper into chemical compositions, botanicals, and mixtures. I use Wikipedia as a cross reference for alot of searches, and Iam Shamam was mentioned for a few things, when I checked out thier site, I spent hours literally cross referencing and varifying things I was interested in.

    I have bought a couple orders of merchandise from them, they not only shipped out fast, but the merchendise I bought I have been 100 percent satisfied with, along with the luxury of knowing they pay strict attention to what is legal. I am sure there are other sites who offer the same honest business, being a business owner myself, I feel compelled to share my experience with those who may be skeptical, as I was.


    James A. Keith

  2. admin

    Thanks forthe kind comments; we truly do our best to please as many customers as we can, but with over 200,000 customers since we started, we can’t do it every single time, no matter how hard we try. So, we never get tired of hearing thank you’s from anyone; it lets us know that our efforts are being appreciated.

    – Bodhi

  3. Onjade Demicol

    Me and one of my friends are very pleased with the different classes of A. Muscaria and other Amanitas you had, and especially the price of it, it seems so inexpensive, and that really makes me happy and they make wonderful decorations.

    We were a little worried when we bought them, but then we saw you ship them in plain boxes and that lowered our worry that someone might think it was something illegal, we then reassured ourselves even more after realising that Amanitas are legal everywhere (with exception to Austrailia)

    Thank you IamShaman, you’re the best place we’ve seen so far.

  4. Terry Nova

    LOVE your blog, thanks for entertaining me
    Hope there will be more posts soon
    regards, terry
    ps – sorry im not that good in writing in english because I came from europe – but i understand a lot

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