What Is Your Favorite Dreaming Herb?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer, since dreaming and lucid dreaming are one of my absolute favorite experiences as a human.  Waking up inside a dream to realize that you’re dreaming is a magical gift; one that, if you spend the time and energy, you can cultivate and improve upon.  Imagine being able to have an experience that is as real as this one, with the same self-awareness and lucidity that you posses in your regular waking world, but with the ability to do whatever you wish, by just willing it so? Besides something called a “Nova Dreamer” which I have used for about 12 years now to help induce lucid dreams, I have scoured the planet for herbs that have clear histories of being used specifically for making dreams more vivid.  (I think it’s interesting to note that the Top 2 activities reported by first-time lucid dreamers are sex and flight! )  In this search, I found something quite unexpected:  It was the African culture’s view on dreams and dreaming. They believe that their ancestors speak to them through their dreams, so, built into their culture, is the historical quest for any plants and herbs that might help to induce dreaming.  As a result, we found several interesting herbs that have been known for helping to induce vivid dreaming, and which we call DREAMING HERBS.  By visiting that section of our site, you can see descriptions of each of the herbs that we have found, which have clearly documented use for this very purpose. So, even though I am biased towards the product that I developed for the specific purpose of inducing lucid dreaming, (Find Lucid Dreaming Reports Reports section of the website) called “Dreamer’s Blend”, it was created out of many months of trial and error.  I have been a longtime fan of Calea Zacatechichi, but i wanted to see if i could amplify the effects, if there was a way to make several well-known dreaming herbs work synergistically, to heighten the effect, increasing my frequency and vividness of my dreams. So, I took the top herbs from 4 different cultures, trying to cover all my bases.  Calea Zacatechichi was an ingredient in all of my different “concoctions”, since that was always my favorite herb anyway.  That ended up working even more effectively ad more reliably when it was mixed with African Dream Herb (also known as a sea bean), and then with Blue Vervain and Wild Lettuce, both used by the American Indians who were also deeply intertwined with visions and dreaming. I don’t know the science behind any of these herbal products, but extensive testing by me has shown a definite pattern of specific results, especially when alternated with a 1/2 dose of diphenylhydramine (25mg).  Diphenylhydramine is simply over the counter sleeping medication.  (With that, I am obligated to say that I am no doctor, and, by law, I cannot advise the mixing of untested herbal products with any pharmacy medication.  I offer this only as an anecdote of a personal experience with a plant that is very dear to me.) I want to tell as many people as possible, that lucid dreaming is as real as you reading this post by me; it is a reality that you can be completely awake and alert in, yet you have complete control over that reality, limited only by your imagination! – This is so deeply exciting to me in so many ways, and none of them have to do with a deep desire to escape this reality. I’ve found myself awake in my dream so many times, and have since given up on trying to find any “ultimate answers” to life, though.  In these “questing dreams”, I have visited mediums in the dreams, I have scoured bookstores for some book that held all the “answers”, I have cast Tarot Cards, and tried to fly to the edge of the Universe, but none have brought me any more knowledge than I have now, except for the rare occasions where I am shown an event, related only to personal friends and family members, that comes true shortly thereafter, or occurred that same night while I was dreaming about it. This is what spawned my interest in Remote Viewing as well, and I have since taken a course on the system, and plan to post about that at a later date.  To me, this is modern Shamanism; this is the exploration of this consciousness we have been given, using the natural tools at our disposal, especially the ones from the plant word, to aid us in our exploration and journey through this world. – Bodhi


  1. Auscai

    When I was younger I had lucid dreams all the time. I remember one in particular very clearly. I was probably about 7 or 8 and I was walking down a short set of concrete stairs, high enough that if I fell would definitely hurt but short enough not to scare me too badly. So naturally I tripped and fell but as soon as my head should have hit the ground I swung around as though my ankles were attached to an axle fully around to a standing position again cleanly and painlessly right through the ground, concrete and all. I thought to myself how strange that was and shortly after my awareness slowly expanded and I realized I was in my dream.

    You’re definitely correct about the flight thing. First thing I did. But alas! I couldn’t do it right! I could only get a few inches to a foot off of the ground horizontally. I would jump up as if to take off, fall a bit, but at the last minute stop (ala mission impossible style). I actually had to practice flying to get better at it. How odd and fun is that? Rules to the dreams lol!

    So anyway I’ve been deep into it for many years but have stopped naturally having these types of dreams on my own. It could be the hustle and bustle of life drowning out my thoughts. I’ve been on my own shamanistic quest of sorts these past few years, slowly turning away from the distractions of modern life and turning my attention inward in some attempt to discover just a little more about myself and my reality.

    Your post has inspired me and I have purchased an ounce of your Dreamers Blend. I am excited to once again be able to step out of the dreams however I’m new to using herbals. I notice the packaging says to brew tea and roll a cigarette. My main question would be the tea amounts. I would like to know how you prepare your blends, if you’ve found an amount that works the best, or maybe what amount to advise a first-timer to prepare? Any guidance would be appreciated fully. and I will certainly post my experiences!

    Thank you for your dedication and pioneering attitude toward this matter, it’s quite inspiring to see true pioneers again, maybe there’s hope for this world after all! Take care!

  2. Robert

    Try Passiflora Incarnata. I used it to induce sleep, but eventually I had either wonderful or terrible dreams. I did not attribute it to Passiflora, but I have talked to other people and they had the same experience. On the other hand, I have never tried Cale Zacatechini. I wonder what will happen if I mix them.

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