Shaman Rattle Root for Ritual

Shaman Rattle RootWe pride ourselves on the growing number of unique Shamanic Tools from around the world, and from many traditions.  One of the items we’re most proud of is the Shaman Rattle Root.  It’s one of those rare items that’s both an instrument for helping to induce trance when used as a rattle, as well as an herb that, when smoked, was part of the Shaman trance state as well.

The use of this root as a rattle/sound producer in rituals or Vedic Shamanism is held in as high esteem as the Sacred Lotus does.  And, the very seeds that are responsible for generating the sound the Shaman Rattle Root makes, were also ground up AFTER the ceremony and the resin-like waxy mixture is smoked with tobacco or lotus petals in a traditional mix called Hokah or Gudakhu. The pipe with the magical blend is only passed to participants who request it, and it’s never taken unless seeking guidance.

As we peer back into the historical use of this herb, we also find that, according to the Department of Botany at the Aligarh Muslim University, this exotic herb was also used as a dream catcher as well as a dream inducer.  Many have heard of the bitter herb called Calea Zacatechichi for helping to facilitate lucid dreaming states, but  the Shaman Rattle Root uses the ritual outlines below:

To prepare, first grind up or cut up several sections of root, anywhere between 4” – 6” in length.  Soak these in a half bottle of wine or no more than 375ml of a clear alcohol such as vodka.  Drink only a half of a glass of wine or 1/2 of an ounce of the clear alcohol extraction.  The Todas actually grind up the seed and pulp to make an alcohol specifically for this purpose.

Once the intent has been set and the drink consumed, shake the rattle over your head and then your feet in clockwise circles, concentrating on the energy of the root while visualizing vivid dreams.  Grind up some of the root, bark, seeds and all, and place in a sachet under the pillow.  Cheesecloth works well for this, but so do small fabric pouches.

Rattle are a key tool for Shaman trance induction, and that’s why we also offer a wide selection of genuine Shaman Rattles hand-crafted in Peru  We’ve got Medium Shaman Rattles as well as Small Shaman Rattles.  A shaman’s rattle possesses strong powers and is often kept in their own special medicine bag. Rattles, for those drawn to them, are very powerful tools and should always be handled with proper care and reverence.

For a quick history lesson:  Who are the Todas?

They’re a small pastoral community living on the 7,000 Nilgiri Hills in South India. They believe in 1600 or 1800 superior godlike beings, the two most important being On and Teikirzi. They along with the Aborginals of Australia are the only known people to use plant pods in ritualistic healing shaman rituals.

The Shaman’s Rattle Root was used by Tantric alchemists as an aphrodisiac, but it’s also ground up for use in the manufacture of the native “Gudakhu” visionary tobacco smoked in Hookahs.

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