Wild Lettuce Resin

Wild Lettuce resin is effective only if the resin is made form the flowers and stems of the plant. When the stem of the flower is cut off, sap would run out, and this is what the Hopi would collect and make into their smoking resins. Be careful of which Lactuca virosa resin you choose to buy; many are made from boiling the leaf of the plant only, and do not extract the desired components in large enough quantity to elicit the desired effect. More reseach needs to be done with this plant to isolate the alkaloid responsible for the pleasant effects of this popular herb..

So buy Wild Lettuce resin from a shop that has been producing this extracted resin for over 5 years, and has thousands of happy customers HERE. Their extracted resin from Wild Lettuce is produced using top quality plant material during its flowering stage. This is a completely legal herb extract and a pure alkaloid extraction produces this highly concentrated soft tarry resin. Each gram is equal to approximately 10-15g of the dried Lactuca virosa plant.

Use of the resin of this plant has documented historical uses by the Hopi tribes, and it is gaining popularity among the modern-day shaman community.