Wild Dagga/Yopo Combination by Tattooed Soul

“Today I received a package of Anadenanthera colubrina from a reputable member of an internet trading site. I have never tried yopo in any form and truthfully these seeds are for growing the ally and not for insight or journeying.

I received far more seeds than I needed to get a viable plant and had enough to store for a second or third try at growing this wonderful and historic plant. So being an experienced voyager I decided that I could ‘sacrifice’ five nice, shiny black jewels for ‘experimentation’.

I thought about roasting the seeds as is done in traditional preparation, but since I was going to smoke the seeds I decided that this would be redundant.

I took my five precious seeds, made sure they were clean, and then put them into a coffee grinder. I ground the seeds whole, with black coating and all, shaking and pulsing the grinder frequently during the grind. After about 60 seconds I wound up with a VERY fine, greenish yellow powder. This powder had a very strong buggy smell and was somewhat moist. I allowed the powder to stand in the open air for approximately 3 hours. This dried it out nicely and actually eliminated the vast majority of the disagreeable odor.

I then added a small amount of wild dagga in an amount equal to the volume of the yopo powder and put the whole mixture back into the grinder. Four or five quick pulses is enough to thoroughly blend the mixture and pulverize the dagga. I ended up with a lightly medicinal scented green powder ready for the pipe.

At about 7:00 pm I found my way to my ‘Comfortable Place’ and found a pipe. The pipe was clean and free of resin, as all I had ever smoked out of it was dagga.

I heard that Wild Dagga smoke was harsh, so I was prepared for that eventuality. I added a small amount of dagga, as a screen, and then put some of my mixture on top of that. I set the flame on low and took my first pull. To my surprise the smoke was not harsh at all but rather smooth. I got a lung full and soon learned that the smoke was VERY strong. I could not hold the smoke at all, my body violently expelled the cloud and my sinuses began to immediately produce copious amounts of phlegm. After about 2 minutes of coughing and spitting I decided to take another pull. This time I gave the mixture some flame and could feel the hot smoke entering my lungs.

Smooth at first and then again with the hacking and the coughing and the spitting, etc, etc…

I waited for time to clear my head and then added a small amount of fresh mixture to the bowl went back for a third pull. This time I decided to force myself to hold the smoke. Surprisingly I found that I could with very little effort. I held that pull and the next three for enough time that the smoke was nearly all absorbed and I expelled only a small amount.

I noticed an immediate change!

After the third pull I put the pipe away and sat down to observe and rest. At first, the effects were minimal and mostly dizziness from hypoxia due to smoking, but then, just as I was contemplating this, I realized I was viewing myself from above my seat. I was actually separate from my body and understood clearly that I had begun to hallucinate. I could move my point of reference easily but the focus was on my body the entire time.

Suddenly my body began to panic, and stood up. My body walked quickly but clumsily to the door and looked outside. The colors outside were incredibly vivid and vibrant and my body realized that it was only tripping and decided to relax.

I turned and went back to my seat and sat down only to see my body follow and sit with me. The feeling of detachment was very clear and intensely interesting. At this point I decided to close my eyes. Deep thoughts raced through my mind and I kept hearing over and over in my head a voice saying ‘Now you know the secret’, echoing, bouncing around in my mind. At this point the CEV’s began. Curtain like at first, growing into intense pulses and light flashes. This lasted some thirty minutes before I decided to open my eyes.

When I opened them I started undergoing ‘pushes’ or ‘pulses’ trying to ‘breakthrough’ to somewhere else, somewhere I told myself I didn’t want to go. This lasted for about ten minutes with the middle of the experience being very intense. I found myself fighting the pulses and just as quickly as they began they stopped and I found myself back in my body. I was somewhat dismayed by this but decided to go with it.

All intense effects subsided quickly after this into a very comfortable and enjoyable euphoria that lasted for more than an hour. Total time of experience was about two hours and the come down was very clean. I noticed no after effects other than a small amount of clear mucous in my lungs that was cleared with in the next hour.

This combination is now an impressive and powerful ally and I will be experiencing that world again, slowly, reverently, and with the respect it deserves…

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