Smoking Kanna

Much to our surprise, there have been a number of reports coming in that share personal stories of the effects ofsceletium illus Kanna when it is smoked. In all the historical documents we have gathered here, we have never found records of Kanna being smoked.

There is plenty of verifiable history of this plant, including its use both as a euphorant and a general relaxer, not that dissimilar to alcohol, but we have not found any evidence of this being used as both a means to potentiate other herbs, and as an ingredient in any smoking blends. The first place we have heard of this is at Shaman’s Garden, where they outline reports of personal interaction with this plant as an ingredient in smoking blends.

If this is truly the case, then there is much work to be done in relation to smoking kanna, and we would like input from anyone who wishes to share it about what kind of experiences they’ve had with using this with your favorite herbal smoking product, as well as any personal smoking blends you particularly like, with Kanna as an ingredient. This holds true, even if it’s an extract that you work with instead of the dried or powdered leaf.

Smoking, of course, is bad for you in any capacity, but it also opens the avenue to different experience reports in relation to this intriguing, and still, little-known plant. Kanna is still so far under the radar, that most don’t even know it exists, and this is one of the reasons this site was started in the first place; we think Kanna has incredible uses both medicinally, as well as for simple pleasure, much like Kava Kava does. (By the way, if you’ve been hearing about Kava, and want to know more, feel free to visit Kona Kava Farm, which is not only an online vender, but the growers, and a source for a boatload of information regarding Kava.)

So, if you want to offer personal experiences with smoking Kanna, or anything else Kanna-related, please send it to admin at thekannashop dot com, and we will post it here on our little website.

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