Salvia Divinorum Plants

There are only a few places on the web to find high quality Salvia divinorum plants, and we are proud to say that we are one of the ones who take great pride in theirs. Out of the 300 species of Salvia plants, we only carry one specific kind though; it is the plant known as Diviner’s Sage; Salvia divinorum. The IAmShaman Shop has fast growing Salvia plants unlike ones you find anywhere else; they have been bred from the sturdiest of Mother Plants, and from ones that have been conditioned to grow in a large number of varying conditions. This particular strain of salvia divinorum plant only exists in one tiny part of the world, and it has been cultivated to such a large extent in it’s own mountainous region, that it rarely produces viable divinorum seeds, and therefore does not propagate through traditional means. As with most life on this planet, though, the most adaptable creatures and plants survive, and what divinorum plants have learned to do, is to develop extremely porous stems that become winding and stringy. As they twist around when they grow, they inevitably become top-heavy, and fall right over.

Once these salvia specimens fall over, the part of the stem that touches the ground, starts to take root in the moist soil, and begins to root. Since these plants grow year ’round, and don’t rely on flowers to propagate, the growing salvia always has a change to create more and more plants.

If you don’t want to grow your own salvia, you can always buy numerous products from The IAmShaman Shop instead; they specialize in salvia leaves and extract, as well as a unique tincture that has a recipe so sought after, they are presently working to trademark it.

If you have never grown salvia divinorum, there are many online resources to help you get started. The most important things to remember when cultivating salvia divinorum plants, though, is never ever over-coddle your clones. The biggest reason those who order live divinorum plants for themselves fail, is because they try too hard to keep them alive.

Growing Salvia should be fun, and the basics you need to remember are only these few things: 1.) They grow naturally in a mountainous region with sandy, rocky soil. So give them the same soil to grow in, such as coconut husks mixed with soil specifically made for cactus. 2.) The Salvia plant is used to a very moist environment, and gathers much the of moisture it needs to survive through its leaves. Your growing salvia plant, when you first get it home, will expect this moisture to continue to arrive through its leaves, so misting and a humidity tent is almost a necessity. 3.) Salvia divinorum plants don’t need a lot of light. Too much light and lights too close to your growing salvia can actually kill your plants. This is why many successful enthusiasts who are successful in growing salvia divinorum plant cuttings use fluorescent lighting as their sole light source.

Of course, if you live in a part of the world where it never gets above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and never drops below about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can simply start growing salvia outside. There is no replacement for Mother Nature, and good old fashioned sunlight when it comes to Salvia divinorum.

There is no greater way, in our opinion, to enjoy the full beauty of this sacred plant than to grow it yourself, but we understand that not everyone is adept or interested in growing salvia, or interested in taking the time and effort to cultivate the ever-elusive Salvia divinorum plants. So, the next best thing is to order the best Salvia products available anywhere from the highly respected IAmShaman Shop, who not only makes every product they sell themselves, they grow the leaves they use for infusing themselves as well.

There are many salvia strains, but only one that has garnered such wonder and anger by so many.