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Salvia is rapidly being made illegal in many states across the United States (including ours), but it’s still legal to buy it from venders in some states so, but NOT from IAmShaman.

Non-Standardized Salvia Extract

Salvia divinorum offers many medicinal benefits. It is believed the herb offers healing properties for mental and spiritual health. It can also help control depression and anxiety. Many people buy salvia for the spiritual insight they receive from it through perceptual expansion, visions and mood changes.

Salvia divinorum is NOT available at The IAmShaman Shop, because it was made illegal in Illinois several years ago.  It has become quite an anomaly in world culture. Though it is still relatively unknown, Salvia divinorum, one of several hundred species of Sage, presents enormous possibility as well an an enormous mountain to climb for those who oppose its very existence. In the United States, nothing is interesting unless it is sensationalized. Almost every time Salvia divinorum has been written about in a news article, the facts have become incredibly distorted, and Salvia is presented as a “dangerous new drug that is destroying our youth.” Nothing could be further from the truth, but unless there is tragedy and attention-grabbing headlines, the public doesn’t care. So, combine the media’s sensationalizing of this rare and sacred plant with such potential, with the government’s extremely effective campaign of brainwashing the public into believing that anything with the word “hallucinogenic” attached to it is an evil, dangerous drug that must be banned immediately before it destroys our nation, our youth, and our very culture, and the truth become difficult to see or express by anyone who has a personal connection to this plant as we do. And, people are so brainwashed by these things, that even when presented with the facts, they still believe what they believe about Salvia divinorum. I can site countless facts, such as the #1 substance of abuse by youth today is prescription medication. The advertising of Salvia divinorum has been banned on major search engines, yet the advertising of prescription medication still remains.

No matter how many times i state that Salvia divinorum has never harmed anyone, that it is a natural herb that has been used safely for thousands of years, that aspirin has 80 times the reported cases of overdose or death attached to it per year (Salvia divinorum has been attributed to ZERO deaths and ZERO overdoses over the past 3,000 years), people still say; “But it’s a dangerous hallucinogen and it must be made illegal.” Hearing things like this about Salvia divinorum are beyond frustrating. Even though every place we have researched clearly advertises that Salvia divinorum is meant for sale to only adults over 18 years old, the media has always included that Salvia is being aggressively marketed to children. This is simply another tactic that has been used over and over by both the government and the media to invoke particular reactions from people; another mind control tactic that has been incredibly effective in the past for shifting public opinion, despite what the true facts might be.

The tragedy of all of this is that not only are people giving up more of their personal freedoms and campaigning to remove other consenting adults’ personal freedoms, the medical potential of an amazing plant risks never being fully realized. Salvia divinorum, through the limited research that has already taken place, has been shown to be an anti-addictive and an anti-depressant. What this means, is that Salvia has the potential to help cure heroin and cocaine addicts, or at least greatly aid in their recovery from their addiction. The same thing is true for Salvia divinorum as an anti-depressant. But just as the powerful pharmaceutical company has lobbied against Kava Kava, which has been used as a medication far more effective and far safer than multi-billion dollar corporation medication such as Prozac, Zoloft, or Valium, they have effectively scared the public into believing that Kava Kava is dangerous to your liver and your health, when nothing could be further from the truth. The same thing could be happening with Salvia divinorum, and we hope that it doesn’t follow the same fate as Kava Kava seems to be following.

Why panic about a plant that has not caused a single death or overdose, but NOT panic about prescription medication that is the #1 substance of abuse by teens, followed closely by alcohol and tobacco? Why not panic about Ex-Lax which has about 20 cases a year of severe liver damage instead of Salvia divinorum which has ZERO reported cases a year? Why demonize Salvia divinorum because the media has attached the word “hallucinogen” to it, but not fight to remove Big Macs from our children’s hands, a highly addicting product that has now caused the Attorney General to label obesity as a disease? This will never make sense to me. The potential for Salvia divinorum is far reaching, and we are cheating ourselves as a people and a society to not seek out safer alternative forms of healing and therapy, simply because we are mindlessly repeating the words of people who need to generate money by sensationalizing everything, from words created by multi-billion dollar industries looking to protect their investments, or from a government that is still putting dying cancer patients in jail for legally using medical marijuana prescribed by the State of California, even though the medical potential for that plant could save countless lives, and extend the lives of so many as well?

Salvia divinorum is not the enemy; it is the complete brainwashing that has set into our society regarding these sacred plants, though many people don’t want to question what they have been taught, and don’t want to admit that maybe the cold hard facts that they have been presented with actually have some meaning.