Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Size: 16 oz / 454 gHemp Protein


Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber has a gourmet nutty flavor that tastes so good you can eat it straight from the jar. Use it to create delicious protein shakes, add it to juices, smoothies and green drinks.

Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber is a whole food protein powder. It is rich in protein (38%), branch chain amino acids, Omega 6 & Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and healthy dietary fiber 46%.

To create Certified Organic Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber, organic hemp seeds are freshly cold pressed to extract the oil. The cold press ensures that valuable enzymes are not destroyed and vitamins, minerals and nutrients remain intact. The pressed hemp meal is then cold milled to separate the protein. We leave in some of the healthy dietary fiber. Then the product is packaged in containers that are impermeable to light and oxygen and are flushed with an inert gas to seal in the freshness.

Suggested Use:

2-4 heaping tablespoons taken daily for life. Refrigerate after opening.


100% Certified Organic, cold milled Hemp Protein Powder. Contains No Additives or preservatives. Gluten Free. Nut Free.