Making Salvia Extract

Salvia extracts are made from the Salvia divinorum plant that is native to Oaxaca, Mexico. The Mazatecs never made extractions from this sacred plant in any stronger form than a tea, so Salvia extraction is a new phenomena that was started in America. The Mazatecs possess alcohol, and with their vast knowledge of plants and shamanistic ritual, they could have easily created some sort of extracted Salvia product of their own, but they never chose to do so. They felt that the spirit of the plant would be poisoned by alcohol, and that the true spirit of the sacred plant would only reveal itself to them when chewing fresh Salvia leaves in the form of a quid. We have often wondered what the Mazatec people would think of this new invention of ours, this Salvia extract that they have never experienced.

We are making all of our Salvia extract exactly the same way that we have always made it; in small batches, using only Spirytus ethanol, with washed leaves that have been de-stemmed and crushed to a nice consistency. Salvia extract is available at The IAmShaman Shop, and is unmatched in its quality. The owner still spends a few hours of each of his days making it unmatched in its quality. He still sifts out all of the stems, and sifts out the powder, leaving behind washed, crushed leaf with few black waxes. Salvia extract can vary so widely in potency, but our Salvia extract is continually tested for quality and consistency.

Salvia Divinorum extract is quickly becoming the most popular and sought after source of Salvinorin A, the active chemical in salvia. Regular divinorum leaves infused with a concentrated Salvinorin extraction are known to produce a much stronger effect when smoked than normal, not extracted, salvia leaves. This article will follow salvia extract’s history from the plant’s modern day phenomena to the salvia extract you buy at your favorite vendor, and will include a little information on making salvia extract.

Making an extraction of salvinorin from salvia leaves is not necessarily a difficult one, the web has many good resources that gives detailed instructions on making salvia extract and extractions. The easiest method is a basic alcohol extraction, this is performed by soaking the salvia leaves in grain alcohol. The mixture is then slowly heated to allow the solvent to evaporate from the salvia extract, this produces a resinous mass of extracted salvinorin. To make a specific percentage of salvia extract use the desired ratio of extract to solvent and re-dissolve the saliva extract and mix it with the desired amount of leaf. Using more leaf with less extract will make salvia extract that is less potent, while conversely; more extract and less leaf will produce stronger salvia extract.

Traditional shamanic salvia divinorum usage does not include any extraction procedures as is it typically used as a less potent, alternative, entheogen that was consumed in the absence of one of the more powerful plant-teachers, generally mushrooms. This means that the recent phenomenon of smoking salvia divinorum extract is a completely new invention. Neo-shamans and other salvia divinorum users are very strong in stating, however, that divinorum is not to be used for recreational purposes.