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It’s difficult to know where to begin discussing Kratom, and especially Kratom extracts or Kratom resin. There are so many online sources now, and all claim to have the “strongest” or “most potent” or the hot new kind that will blow you away with how amazing it is, and so on. Here at the shop, we believe that simplicity and purity will always win out, especially when talking about extracts and resins made from any plant.

First, it’s key to know what KIND of extract makes the best Kratom Extract or resin. Some plants work best with water extractions, some with alcohol, some, such as kava kava, work best with anything that is fatty. And then there are some that need a combination of more than one of the above procedures.

We know Kratom inside and out. We were the first ones to bring Kratom into the mainstream and into the USA, and we’ve been experimenting with different extractions and extraction methods since day one. Those years have provided us with essential keys in producing what we can say, from years of experience, is the purest and most potent kratom extract and kratom resin available anywhere.

We only start with Rifat Kratom instead of the commercially available Bali Kratom that is everywhere right now. Yes, it costs a little more, but it’s also far more reliable in terms of alkaloid content from crop to crop. Most Kratom resins are “crude” extracts, where 10KG of leaf is converted into 1KG of resin.

The Standardized Kratom extracts we offer here are different than the crude resin extracts. To illustrate this fact and to give our customers the widest choice possible, it’s also why we carry every kind of Kratom leaf, extract, and resins that are most commonly available for purchase.

Either way, we manufacture all of our incense products in an actual manufacturing facility, held up to our high standards. We are passionate about every one of the products we offer here at the shop, and our Kratom extract as well as our Kratom resin is certainly no exception. Our Standardized products all start off and end up with the exact same alkaloid content crop to crop, month to month, year to year because products like our

Many more articles such as Kratom Plant Secrets, How to Grow Kratom, and Photos and Descriptions of Kratom Leaf are at Kratom Shop, as well as tons of general Kratom information regarding all aspects of this exotic and amazing plant.


What is it?

Mitragyna speciosa is barely known in the United States, but one of the most interesting plants we have ever found... More »

Where is it?

Kratom grows in the lush rainforests in the South of Thailand, and has the unique position of being banned in the country it is indigenous to...true story... More »
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