Kanna - The Happy Herb

I have tried virtually every mood-enhancing herb I could find, including Kava Kava, and many others that claim to have mood elevating properties to them. But, none come close to the wonderful mood-elevating effects I feel with Kanna, no matter what method of I choose

One of the things I like about Kanna is that there are many ways to experience the stunningly pleasant properties of this amazing herb. There are numerous reports of it being smoked, eaten, made into tea, fermented into drinks, mixed with other herbs, and the list goes on. I don’t know if I have a preferred method yet, but Kanna is something that I enjoy several days out of the week, but sometimes more when there are particularly stressful times.

I find that 1/2 of a teaspoon of my own Kanna extract is exactly what I need to ease my mind and feel the pleasing effects, but without feeling that it’s “too much” or “too strong” for me. Personally, I found White Kanna Whole Leaf to be my favorite of all, even with the resins or powders. It’s got a sweet flavor to it, not something I would have expected from an herbal product with a real effect! – Usually, it’s bitter medicine that I have to force down, just calling it the “entrance fee” to get where I want to be with it.

I haven’t noticed it bieng any kind of a “truth serum” as some others have reported, but I can see how one might feel more relaxed about speaking the truth if the pleasurable effects of this herb are working their way into your bloodstream. To me, there is an increased effect when mixed with alcohol, and I am presently working on a recipe that I can share with everyon who is interested.

The effects for me last strongly for about an hour, and work well when I mix the kanna with my favorite herbal smoking blend that mixes quite well with Kanna, although it can’t be purchased online anywhere. If you want a completely legal herbal smoking blend with non-placebo effects, feel free to try Lucid Herbal Smoking Blend, although, it’s just a suggestion. I don’t get “kickbacks” by recommending it, it’s just a nice mixing herbal blend for Kanna.

So, when the kanna is mixed with either my favorite smoking herb or alcohol, there is a very noticeable heightening effect that occurs, but, since there is no data available on what the side-effects might be, i wouldn’t recommend trying this to anyone. Kanna is a beautiful, joyous plant on its own, and holds up perfectly well without adding anything else to it (even though the Hottentots reportedly used Kanna as just a component of their smoking blends).

Over time, the highly pleasant and noticably heightening effects never really seem to lessen. In other words, I never feel like I’m building up a tolerance at all; I take it every day sometimes, and the last day in a row is always as pleasant as the first.

Part of me wishes that it was a little more intense at times, but that’s only me wanting more and more and more.

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