Kanna Effects and Dosages

cRocodile on Sceletium tortuosum:

While I have never tasted pure mesembrine I have done quite a bit of experimentation with traditionally prepared Sceletium tortuosum powder from South Africa and documented Kanna’s effects. As a result, I can offer this:

1. I have strong reason to believe that not all commercially available Sceletium tortuosum (seed or herb) is really that… it seems that other Mesembryamanthaceae are being passed off as S.tortuosum or S.expansum.

2. I consider Kanna/Kaugoed to be a highly interesting material with strong analgesic properties. The subjective effects vary greatly with the route and amount of ingestion, as is to be expected:

SMOKING – dosage: 100-250mg fermented herb powder

Subjective Effects: as expected the effects are felt almost immediately and synergize very very well with other herbs (which are traditional combinations!). Several friends tried this combination and almost everybody liked it, except maybe for the strange taste. Personally I find this route effective but quite interesting in that it produces a more spacey feeling when compared to the other routes. The euphoric and analgesic effects are less pronounced in my opinion than with other ingestion routes. One exception is the strain offered at only one online shop that we have found, called “White Kanna“, that has an extremely pleasant taste and effect, especially when mixed with herbals of your choice.

INSUFFLATION – dosage: 50-200mg (or more)

Subjective Effects: This route is highly effective and yields the best subjective effect (for me). The problem is that the herb-powder is painful to insufflate and can quickly lead to nose bleeding with repeated use. For these reasons few people (other than me) have tried this route, the few who did were very enthusiastic about it and confirmed that the effect is much more euphoric as with the other routes. The analgesic effect is not very strong when used this way but still stronger than smoking. If it wasn’t for the pain this could really become a drug of abuse in my humbly opinion.

ORAL INGESTION – dosage 500mg – 2000mg

Subjective Effects: For most of my experiments I ingested the material orally since this was the most appealing way to consume the material. This way, for me, a nice amount is around 500mg, but I am a hardhead. For me, the material is much less effective when consumed orally. An an upper dosage limit of 2.0g, it usually leads to very strong nausea and vomiting. When taken orally, the material is a markedly sedative narcotic and the analgesic effect is very very pronounced. The effect is very enjoyable and longer lasting (compared to smoking or insufflation) but also less euphoric. The only problem with this route is the large dose which is required (500mg).

I am interested in trying the pure mesembrine since I’m told it lacks the somatic side-effects of the plant, but have yet to find someone who has a reliable extraction procedure at hand. However: there is strong reason to believe that the effects of this plant cannot be attributed SOLELY to Mesembrine – while it is probably the chief alkaloid – people who tried both report significant differences.

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