Highly potent Grade-A Ghana strain seeds free of pesticides

If anyone makes the above claim, know that it most-likely isn’t true. There is no such thing as a “highly potent Ghana Strain” of HBWR seeds, nor is there a “Grade-A” strain of these seeds either. Seeds from Ghana have light, extremely smooth surfaces, and often referred to as “False Argyreia Nervosa Seeds” because they barely resemble TRUE Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds from Hawaii. There is no evidence that this strain of seeds was ever used in sacramental rituals of the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands. There is also no evidence that this particular strain of seeds was ever consumed as a means of communicating with the supernatural realm or the spirits…especially since the Ghana strain of Argyreia Nervosa isn’t even from Polynesia; they are from Africa.

It is very illegal to ingest these seeds, but even if accidental ingestion occurs, you will only feel very nauseous; there will be no vivid colors, you will not lose touch with reality, and you will not hallucinate or feel vertigo or a sense of well being. These seeds barely make a nice addition to an ethnobotanical garden, but they are extremely inexpensive, so a large garden can be created very inexpensively, even though the germination rate of these seeds tends to be quite low.

Finally, do not be fooled by websites selling these seeds at a premium. We have seen several sites offering these seeds for as much as $80.00 for 500 seeds! We offer the exact same strain of seeds for $17.99 per 500 seeds. We have also seen these same websites state that ALL SALES ARE FINAL…this should be enough to set off your alarms. We offer a full Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with any of our products for any reason, and stand behind it 100%. Our seeds from Ghana are here:


It is tragic when people try to take advantage of the unsuspecting. We are committed, as we always have been, to providing as accurate and honest information about all of our products as we are able to. If we do not believe in a product, we won’t sell it at the shop, or, if we do, we will tell that the reason we choose to carry it. Our woodrose seeds are a good example; we carry the most commonly available strains so that you, as a customer, can best decide what strain would be most suited to your garden, and it will help prevent you from being taken advantage of a vender who sells barely viable seeds at a premium, claiming that they are something they are not.

We feel that a strong customer base is far more important than making a fast buck. We have been here for years, and will continue to be here for a long time to come, striving to keep our customers happy. – Bodhi