Herbal Aphrodisiacs

aphrodisiacTo us, one of the most interesting gifts Shaman and Ayurvedists have given the world are powerful, all-natural, scientifically-proven aphrodisiacs that can enhance passion, increase libido, enhance sexual performance, and help to increase the intensity of lovemaking.

A whopping eighty percent of all prescription medication comes from plants, but since pharmaceutical companies can’t patent or own plants, they first isolate the active ingredient in an effective plant (such as willow which contains pure aspirin), and then market an extracted or synthesized version of the pure herbal ingredient, stripping away the rest of the natural plant that nature has perfected over the years.

So, don’t let the words “all-natural” or “herbal” fool you; many of these products are famous for their potency, are known the world over, and have been proven effective through thousands of years of use. These are the plants that are the basis of many synthesized aphrodisiacs today, but in their natural, pure state, with the entire plant and not just an isolated compound or two.

Aphrodisiac Categories

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We are alwyays looking for the plants and products that make up some of today’s most powerful aphrodisiacs, constantly research new ones, or bring you ones that have been known and made famous elsewhere in the world, but may never have been heard of in the West due to the effective campaigns by pharmaceutical companies. Natradisiacs offers only whole, full spectrum, organic plants, dried, extracted, and made into capsules or tea form for easy consumption. We also offer a wide range of edible products to increase passion and to enhance your passion with your partner. We have the entire Edible Passion line as well as Kama Sutra, Natrinia (all-organic massage oils), and a wide variety of all-natural products to enhance your intimate time with a loved one.

I was skeptical that an herbal product could have much effect, but the Clavo Huasca was more than I imagined it could be! I took one capsule a day, and after just 4 days, my passion increased noticeably, and sensation was noticeably increased in many ways. Thank you for providing a quality product that I never would have known about if it weren’t for you guys. Keep it up! Thanks, Tiffany


Herbal aphrodisiacs are plant substances that increase and stimulate sexuality. They affect the mind and the body, as well as nourish a weak libido. They help to remove impotence and enhance hormone levels within the body. Many people will also take herbal aphrodisiacs to enhance their mood, which indirectly affects sexual satisfaction.

Aphrodisiacs are made from the most potent herbs and flowers. Products which derive from these natural ingredients include herb teas, sweet syrups, healing oils, incense and smudge sticks. They are nourishing, soothing, and very beneficial to the human body.

The most common sexual problems that men and women face today are impotence and low libido. These problems can be solved in many different ways. By utilizing herbal aphrodisiacs designed to stimulate sexual activity and increase reflex excitability, you will see effective results. They are considered a safe and reliable source of medicinal therapy.

There are two herbs that produce the best results for raising one’s sexual activity level. The Kava Kava root and Damiana leaves work wondrously to increase the intensity of the sensations felt during orgasm. They directly effect an increase in your level of sexual desire and give you the confidence to enhance your sex life.

This is just to let you know that my order came in today. I am very pleased with the service I’ve received. I recently got ripped off for about $100 from another online company so I was hesitant about ordering from someone else. You can rest assured that I’ll be doing business with you from now on. Thanks for the great service! Tom

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