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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (Ghana) - VIABLE

These untreated A. nervosa seeds are imported directly from Ghana. Not nearly as high quality as our organic Hawaiian seeds, but they will germinate. These are indeed A. nervosa seeds, but are a different strain and don’t have the fuzzy coating associated with seeds from Hawaii….

HB Woodrose Seeds (Hawaii) - VIABLE

These organic, untreated Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds are from Maui and inspected for freshness and quality upon arrival. One of our best sellers but strictly not for human consumption. These seeds have an average germination rate of about 95%…..

Find all-organic and untreated Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds at the only two sellers that we know, without a doubt, offer untreated seeds and “verified as authentic” seeds. They are the highly-respected Shaman’s Garden or IAmShaman Shop. Or, we welcome you to peruse this site for an extensive and exclusive collection of all things Convolvulaceae, including Morning Glory and Rivea Corymbosa seeds, information, and cultivation.

When coated with pesticides and fungicides, it can not only lessen the viability of these precious seeds, but it can also weaken the entire strain as well. Avid gardeners can buy HBWR seeds imported from Ghana, the Pacific islands, Spain, or from several small organic farms in Hawaii. Trust the people who who not only take great pride in their products, but who care deeply about species preservation as well! Buy Morning Glory seeds as well; they’re a great addition to any garden, in 3 common varieties HERE.