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If you are looking to buy Salvia, buy it from the place that is best known for not only the best quality at the lowest prices, but the best customer service and fastest delivery as well; The IAmShaman Shop. When you buy Salvia, there are so many things to consider before making your purchase, and with Salvia Shops sprouting up every day, one must be more and more careful about who they choose to buy Salvia from. Something about The IAmShaman Shop is that it was started a few years ago by someone just like you, and that someone was me. I was tired of sending off my money to some random website advertising Salvia, waiting a few weeks, only to get some crappy product that looked like gunpowder in a little baggie. Salvia had a deeply profound effect on my life, and became my religion…honestly and truly. But I was tired of never having my e-mails answered, and paying premium prices for a natural herbal product. So, i decided that before i decided to buy Salvia ever again, that i would start a forum instead, and see if i could find other people who were as interested in this incredible plant as i was. I guessed that if i had so much trouble whenever i would buy Salvia, that others must be having the same trouble as well.

Through starting the Salvia forum, i met some amazing people, and two of those amazing people taught me how to extract Salvia. Once i learned the basic technique, i spent the next few months re-designing, improving, and finally perfecting my own unique extraction process for Salvia divinorum. I began to think to myself that i would never have to buy Salvia that barely resembled the original plant ever again.

Once i perfected this technique, i started to offer Salvia to members of my forum. Word spread quickly that there was someone making extremely high quality Salvia extract in small batches and with great care, and before i knew it, i had a difficult time keeping up with the demand. Others quickly realized that they didn’t have to buy Salvia that was barely identifiable as a plant ever again as well. Since i take such great care in making the Salvia, the finished extract looked like nothing more than crushed Salvia leaf. I make it in small 100G batches even today, and i still remove as many of the stems as i can by hand, and sift out all of the powder, so that only washed, crushed leaf remains.

So, never would i have to buy Salvia again, more importantly, i wouldn’t have to accept low quality Salvia ever again. At this point, though, selling Salvia publicly was still not even a thought in my mind. I had no intention of starting up a new business, and the only reason i put up a single webpage for my Salvia extracts, was so that my forum members who wanted to buy Salvia from me, would fill out a form that would get e-mailed to me…it was the only way i could keep track of people’s requests. But, even that got cumbersome, so i eventually decided to install a real cart system, but still not with any intent of selling my Salvia divinorum publicly. But, once the cart system was in place, i realized that there were probably many other people just like me who would like to buy Salvia that is of the kind of quality i was making, and selling Salvia publicly would just be a matter of finding out what i needed to do legally, installing the proper wording to ensure that only consenting adults over 18 would have access to this rare and sacred plant, and moving it to the main page of, rather than the back corner it had been assigned to.

The response was overwhelming, and continues to be to this day. I had no idea that a phone number, personal service, true passion for what i was doing, along with the quality of Salvia that i offered would be as popular as it was, and before i knew it, i had to hire a couple of people to help, to continue to offer the unbeatable customer service and our strict policy of Same Day Shipping. Even though we have grown more than i ever imagined, i still make Salvia extracts in the same tiny batches that i made them in years ago when i first started. In fact, if you buy Salvia from us, you will be getting something that i continue to try to improve upon; no matter how good i get a extracting Salvia, i still feel as though my methods could be more precise, more pure, and more aligned with the energy of this sacred plant.

So, buy Salvia from other places first, and come to us last. If you went somewhere else and were unhappy with the product; send it to us, and we will exchange it for some of our Salvia FOR FREE! Yes, you heard right; if you buy Salvia from somewhere else and are unhappy with it, we will buy it from you; we are that confident in our product and in what we do. The products on the website are the same exact products that i work with myself, and quality of the incense i work with, because my rituals are so dear to me, is if the utmost importance. So, you will never get some mass-manufactured product made for the sole purpose of making money like countless other sites do. Extracting Salvia is literally a daily process for me, but it truly is a labor of love. This amazing plant has affected mine and other people’s lives in so many positive ways, that i hope to bring that kind of joy to even one other person’s life by doing what i do. Many blessings to you…