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It’s been a privilege to offer you the highest grade Salvia crafted in small, handmade batches over the past 8 years, but as with too many good things; they often come to an end by the powers that be. Now that Salvia is illegal in Illinois and many other states, we offer our loyal customers this:

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Full Salvia Legal Issues are found at Daniel Siebert’s Sage Wisdom site.

Bodhi’s personal “SALVIA DIARIES” are integrated into the IAmShaman Blog.

Salvia Divinorum extract is a little-known natural perennial herb from the mint family with extraordinary psychoactive powers. Native to the mountainous Oaxaca region of Southern Mexico, Salvia Divinorum extract has been used for centuries by generations of Mazatec Indians who collected this wild herb, holding it in high regard for its shamanistic and divination properties. The Mazatecs chewed Salvia divinorum extract leaves, and brewed the leaves to make a divination tea, inducing a relaxed meditative state that allowed them to ‘visualize’ the causes of disease and find a healing solution.

It is only in recent years that Salvia Divinorum extract has risen in prominence, in moments, capturing the media limelight, and also the attention of government officials. The herb’s active ingredient; Salvinorin-A, has been isolated and termed “nature’s most powerful conscious-altering substances legally available for spiritual purposes”. Those who use Salvia Divinorum extract report a variety of effects, from an enhanced feeling of pleasure, to shamanistic visions and journeys. Most report no effects at all, and over 80% of people who try to work with this sacred plant, decide to never try it again. But there are many who are devoted to the beauty of this sage plant, and who will continue to work with it with the utmost respect.

As one of the most highly-regarded suppliers of Salvia Divinorum extract, with a VERIFIABLE reputation for the highest quality at the lowest prices, with same day shipping to anywhere in the world (except Australia and Norway where it has been deemed illegal for no reason), we understand what it is that customers are looking for. We treat every customer as the customer who might post on a forum or newsgroup, and we not only want that review to be a positive one, we want it to be a glowing one. This is why we continually strive to supply only the finest standardized Salvia Divinorum extract and other Salvia products available.

We still make this sacred incense with the same care as our first batch, and still make it in tiny batches to ensure that the quality of our Salvia divinorum extract is unmatched by anyone else. Yes, we sell far less Salvia, but we know that we are selling the best Salvia available, and to sell more, would mean lessening the quality, which we absolutely refuse to do. So take one look at our product, and you will plainly see the difference; we sit and pick out every stem from the crushed leaf, and then sift out all of the powder from what remains. Yes, it not only takes time to do this with our Salvia divinorum extract, but it takes a lot more Salvia as well. But we don’t mind because this is the same exact product that we work with ourselves, and we only want to offer something that we would be happy to receive as well. This, we are convinced, is what has built such a solid reputation, and what will allow us to be at the top of a very large pile for as long we can legally sell this wonderful herbal product. Salvia divinorum extract has never harmed anyone, and when a responsible adult over 18 chooses to work with this plant, we can only hope that they abide by our Terms & Conditions, and that through their responsibility, Salvia extracts will be available to consenting adults indefinitely, although there is a move by the DEA in the United States to outlaw Salvia in the entire United States.

I can vouch for this enhanced leaf, he uses a great extraction process that concentrates pure Salvinorin back into the leaf without all of the heavy chlorophyll (black wax). I have worked with the process that he uses and know first hand that it produces high quality enhanced leaf. This makes the leaf much easier to burn without the harshness of the gunk that would normally be added back to leaf with some of the other extraction processes. Prior to’s offering enhanced leaf that uses this process, Daniel Siebert’s leaf had been widely thought to be the best that you can get. I believe’s leaf is every bit as good as Daniel’s but at half the price. Sphere

I recently purchased salvia from 8 different vendors to compare and test. I can highly recommend IAmShaman as the best value for the money. High quality, done with the right heart. ZenMusic


THE LIE: “A new drug is all the rage at clubs all over the country…an herb called ‘salvia divinorum’ or ‘la hembra’ looks like marijuana, but has the same effects as the illegal drug ecstasy. The DEA said that, while it’s legal, it induces psychosis and is not safe. Officials say a Connecticut man stabbed a friend while on it.” – WKRN News 1.31.03

THE TRUTH: Salvia divinorum has been used safely for thousands of years. It is NOT used at clubs all over the country, it does NOT look like anything like marijuana, it is NOT called “la hembra,” it does NOT have the same effects as ecstasy. It does NOT induce psychosis, and NO ONE has ever been harmed from using it, UNLIKE alcohol and tobacco, and the Connecticut man in question was on some unknown ILLEGAL DRUG, but to avoid getting arrested, he blamed the stabbing on Salvia divinorum.