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salvia divinorumWe’ve got only the finest quality resin products anywhere, with strengths from 10x up to 25x, including our own resin blends, with Pharmaceutical-grade Kanna and other exotic botanicals, as well as potent tinctures and extracts.


With SAME DAY SHIPPING, HIGH QUALITY products made with EXACTING STANDARDS, at NEAR-WHOLESALE, we guarantee our service is better, our prices are lower, and our quality is better than anyone else on the net.

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If you want to find out more information about plant resins, such as how they are made, what the most potent and popular resins are, feel free to visit one of our affiliate sites, called, aptly enough; PLANT RESINS. They have a growing compendium of a topic that is difficult to find information on. We pride ourselves on having not only the widest range of resins, most of which can be burned, or dissolved in water to add an extra kick to any tea blend that you like.

I was skeptical that this was just another herbal scam, but was very pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable both the Wild Dagga leaf and the resin was! You have a new customer who loves his Dagga and will be ordering from you again!


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I’ve been traveling for the past few days, and upon my return home, I found, to my surprise, a package from I was concerned since the plants had been in the box for 4 days, but was delighted to find that they were perfectly packaged and still quite healthy! Thanks to your expert packaging of an otherwise delicate plant, I’ve transplanted them into a humidity dome and I’m happy to report they very healthy and doing quite well.

In an era of Internet scams and shopping site that don’t fulfill their promises, I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent and professional service. I have no doubt that I’ll will order more from and will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again