Blue Lotus Resin

Blue Lotus resin is a unique item that has been gaining in popularity recently due to its pleasant effects and versatility as a resin. It can be burned as an incense, it can be dissolved in alcohol to make a potent wine, and it can be mixed with other herbs for a smooth smoking blend. Our Blue Lotus resin is cold extracted and macerated in alcohol for a minimum of 2 weeks.

So buy Lotus resin from a shop that has been producing this product for over 5 years, and has thousands of happy customers HERE. Their extracted resin is produced using only shade dried, potpourri quality Nymphaea caerulea flowering tops. This is a completely legal herb extract and a pure alkaloid extraction produces this highly concentrated crystalline resin. Each gram is equal to approximately 10-15g of the dried Blue Lotus flowers.

Use of the resin of this plant has documented historical uses, and is gaining popularity among the modern-day shaman community.