Amanita velatipes : Funnel-Veil Amanita

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Amanita velatipes is a rather large species of the northeastern U.S.A. and southeastern Canada. Its cap colors are often close to yellowish cream. The volva is usually distributed on the 80 – 120 mm wide cap as white warts.

The gills are free, crowded, and white to pale cream.

The stipe is up to 170 x 20 mm, has an interesting (often submedian) annulus that is pulled up into a funnel shape by the expansion of the mushroom, and has a volva that leaves a robust rolled rim around the top of the basal bulb.

According to Jenkins (1986) the spores measure 7.9 – 13.2 x 6.3 – 7.9 um and are broadly ellipsoid to ellipsoid to elongate and inamyloid. Clamps are rarely found at bases of basidia.

Clamps are absent from bases of basidia.

Fruiting bodies of this species can be quite large — the larger of the “buttons” in the accompanying illustration was nearly as big as my fist.

The species is associated primarily with oaks and conifers.

It appears to be restricted in range to eastern North America. Compare with A. multisquamosa Peck. — R. E. Tulloss

Photo: R. E. Tulloss (New Jersey)