Amanita Muscaria Resin

Amanita resin is a unique item that has been showing up in more and more places across the web. Be careful of which Amanita muscaria resin you choose to buy; many are made from boiling the Amanita muscaria mushroom, and do not extract the desired components intact. Muscimol is a delicate alkaloid, and making a resin from Amanita muscaria needs to be done under carefully controlled conditions.

So buy Amanita muscaria resin from a shop that has been producing this extracted resin for over 5 years, and has thousands of happy customers HERE. Their extracted resin from the Amanita is produced using top quality Washington state red caps. This is a completely legal herb extract and a pure alkaloid extraction produces this highly concentrated crystalline resin. Each gram is equal to approximately 10-15g of the dried Amanita muscaria mushroom.

Use of the resin of this plant has no documented historical uses, but it is gaining popularity among the modern-day shaman community.