Amanita Extract

There are a number of products available widely known that fall under the name of amanita extract, but buyers beware. There can be a VAST difference between extracts, acetates, concentrates, and other herbal products that claim to be an extract of Amanita muscaria. Typically, extracts are made from the discarded stems as well as the mushroom caps that were too poor in quality to sell as any grade of cap, which are usually sold as “A”, “B”, and “C” grade. Because of this, even though an extract may state that it’s a “10x” extract (or whatever “x” factor it is), there is no way of knowing what the basis for the “x” factor is, other than the fact that the manufacturer started with 10KG of amanita muscaria, and ended up with 1KG of concentrated material. That counts as a 10x, but if the quality of the material that was started with was 10KG of discarded stems, then the incense will be weak, and not worth much at all. After writing this article, we noticed that a few online shops started to say which part of the mushroom that their extracts were made from, but trust us when we say that, despite this new “description” for their product, they are most-likely using the same exact stems that they always made their product from. This leaves you, the customer, to try to figure out who to trust and where to buy your products from; no easy task. This is why we have signed on with IAmShaman Shop. In a series of independent and exhaustive studies on this amazing plant with such a rich history of ritualistic use, we found that these guys consistently produced the top quality amanita extract from any of the 8 venders we purchased it from. When questioning them in-depth about their product, we found that, unlike most places, they actually get their extracts made from the stock they physically have on hand, rather than just ordering a ready-made extract from their suppliers. They first purchase their stock for the year, already WITHOUT the stems, and go through them by hand, choosing and grading them very carefully. Once they pick the ones they want, the leftovers that they didn’t feel fit into any category, then are gathered and sent off to have extract made from them. This ensures that whenever you buy amanita extract from IAmShaman, you are getting not only high quality, safe resin incenses from them, you are, when purchasing amanita resin, are assured of getting stems only. Nice!