Amanita albocreata : Ringless Panther

Technical description (t.b.d.)


Amanita albocreata is a species of the hardwood-hemlock (Tsuga) forest of the northeastern U.S.A. and southeasternalbocreata Canada and of boreal forest at least as far north as the Island of Newfoundland. Its cap is white with a yellow or yellowish disc and a strongly striate margin. The volval is distributed over the 25 – 65 (-85) mm wide cap as white warts.

The gills are free to slightly adnate, subcrowded to crowded, pale cream in mass, 3 – 10.5 mm broad, with a minutely flocculose edge. The short gills are truncate to excavate-truncate with or without an attenuate “tooth” at the juncture with the flesh of the pileus.

The stipe is 80 – 120 x 6 – 8 mm and lacks an annulus entirely. The notable bulb (15 – 22 x 12 – 20 mm) bears a distinct white collar as some species with annulate stipes such as A. multisquamosa Peck, A. velatipes G. F. Atk., and A. pantherina (DC.:Fr.) Krombh.

The spores measure (7.3-) 7.7 – 9.4 (-11.5) x 6.6 – 8.4 (-9.4) µm and are globose to subglobose or occasionally broadly ellipsoid and inamyloid. Clamps are rare at bases of basidia.

The species may be toxic and would be likely to produce dramatic symptoms similar to those of A. muscaria (L.:Fr.) Pers. and A. pantherina. — R. E. Tulloss

Photo: R. E. Tulloss (northwestern New Jersey)