20x Salvia

20x Salvia is a relatively new product, and we still don’t see the need for it, but it remains an item that is often requested. 20x Salvia is available at The IAmShaman Shop, and is available only in the standardized form. This concentrated Salvia divinorum product should be used with extreme caution, and only in the privacy of your own home. There have never been any injuries reported from working with this sacred incense, and we hope that continues to be so. Safety should be everyone’s first concern, as is ensuring that this safe herbal product never gets into the hands of children, just as far more dangerous products such as alcohol and tobacco never do either. We hope that responsible adults continue to work with this sacred plant respectfully, so that we all have the freedom to explore this plant for a long time to come.

Also, this is an extremely concentrated incense, so when smudging with this product, just like with top quality resins that are available, only a small amount is needed to clear your space. Remember that it’s more difficult to determine exactly what amount of 20x Salvia to burn due to its high concentration, which is exactly why caution needs to be exercised. We can’t stress enough that only those very experienced with this sacred plant should work with this this particular product. It is the same painstakingly crafted product as all the other ones we carry, and although it takes a lot to make a little, we go through the extra effort to ensure that only the best quality is available to our customers, and, more importantly, to ensure that if you order any of our Standardized Salvia extracts, that you will be getting the exact same potency no matter if you order it from us today, next week, or next year.

It is important to know what it is you’re getting when ordering incense that is this concentrated. Any product is simple to adulterate, and one of the main reasons we started our shop, was to ensure that whoever wanted to buy 20x salvia, that, if they bought it from us, would be the absolute best quality product we could produce.

On a side note; 20x Salvia is an invention of a vender in the United States; this kind of concentrated product was never thought of by the Oaxacan Indians, or Daniel Siebert who is the pioneer of this wondrous plant. The reasons we carry it at The IAmShaman Shop is because we know that if we don’t offer it, countless other sites will, and we would rather have people get it from us than someone else. No one we have encountered is as passionate about the purity and the quality of their 20x Salvia as we are, and we are completely confident with every single batch that leaves our hands, and hope that our treasured customers read the guidelines, and work with this product with the same respect that we make it.

This kind of concentrated Salvia is unique, and there is no other plant that comes in as many forms as this one does. Everyone is different, and the many different kinds of Salvia divinorum available will allow the greatest number of responsible, spiritual explorers to discover the beauty of this sacred plant.