10x Salvia

For the adult explorer over the age of 18, 10x Salvia is available at The IAmShaman Shop. And this is only one product in an entire line of Salvia products, which include not only 10x Salvia divinorum, but dried leaf, tinctures, resins, plants, and seeds as well. The IAmShaman Shop has been an incredibly reputable supplier for years, and rarely gets a negative review, partly because they address every customer question and complaint within 24 hours, and usually instantaneously if a customer dials their Toll Free number; (866) 760-7977.

If you wan the best 10x Salvia you can find, then look no further. Why not buy this sacred incense from a company, who, over the years, has built a solid reputation on consistent quality, and unbeatable pricing? 10x divinorum can vary so greatly in quality, and since most companies don’t offer a return on any product that you are unsatisfied with, you might be stuck with some useless black powder that you can’t even work with. The IAmShaman Shop has always offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to any customer who is dissatisfied with the shop or our products for any reason. We would much rather make a few less dollars than have an unhappy customer running around feeling as though they didn’t get more than what they had hoped or paid for.

The fact is that we recognize the power of the individual these days, and the power of the written word on the internet. We want every purchase of our Salvia divinorum products to be a positive one, and do everything we can to ensure that this happens every single time. We treat every single customer as the very customer who might belong to a forum, a newsgroup, a mediation class, or whatever, and as a result, do everything we can to ensure that our customer is pleased. Having a customer complain about low quality product, long delivery times, high prices, or whatever, can be a powerful way to hurt the reputation of an online vender, and we are fully aware of this. We have the utmost respect for our customers who buy 10x Salvia or any other product, assuming, with every single sale, that they are going to be the customer who posts feedback about our shop on a forum or newsgroup, and we want it to not only be a positive one, but a glowing one.

As we state on other pages in this section, many extracts available come in a powder form; a sure sign that it has been mass produced by a company that cares only about making a profit with this sacred plant. This is not so at The IAmShaman Shop, which is nestled in downtown Chicago. We still make it in tiny batches of 100G at a time, and is the very reason we don’t do much wholesaling…most of the available time is spent making the same high quality 10x Salvia that started this shop in the first place. We will never sell out and offer inferior 10x; it is against every reason that we began this wondrous adventure. Yes, 10x Salvia is available in countless places, but there is only ONE place to buy the highest quality available at the lowest prices. Try us last; if you buy 10x Salvia divinorum from another online shop and are not pleased, we will trade your extract for some of ours at no cost to you!