10x Salvia divinorum

For the adult explorer over the age of 18, 10x Salvia divinorum is available at The IAmShaman Shop. And this is only one product in an entire line of Salvia products, which include not only Salvia divinorum standardized and non-standardized, but dried leaf, tinctures, resins, plants, and seeds as well. The IAmShaman Shop has been an incredibly reputable supplier for years now, and rarely gets a negative review, partly because they address every customer question and complaint within 24 hours, and often instantaneously if a customer dials their Toll Free number; (866) 760-7977.

Our 10x Salvia divinorum has often been referred to on forums, as people continually remark that the 10x from IAmShaman is obviously made with great care, which it indeed is. Many extracts available come in a powder form; a sure sign that it has been mass produced by a company that cares only about making a profit with this sacred plant. Not so at IAmShaman. We still make it in tiny batches of 100G at a time, and is the very reason we don’t do much wholesaling…most of the available time is spent making the same high quality 10x Salvia divinorum that started this shop in the first place. We will never sell out and offer inferior Salvia product; it is against every reason that we began this wondrous adventure. Yes, 10x Salvia divinorum is available in countless places, but there is only ONE place to buy the highest quality available at the lowest prices. Try us last; if you buy divinorum online from another shop and are not pleased, we will trade your extract for and equal amount of ours at no cost to you!

This wondrous plant has a long history in a tiny corner of the world known as Oaxaca, Mexico. There, even though this sage plant was held in very high regard, the 10x Salvia divinorum that is available today was unheard of there. It was Daniel Siebert, becoming known as the godfather of Salvia divinorum, who first started extracting the active component of this plant, and infusing it onto dried leaf. He still calls his 10x Salvia divinorum by the names he called them years ago; Standard Strength and Extra Strength. All other online shops measure their product to him.

After a while, a distinction began to be made as this sacred plant grew in popularity. As with anything, there were websites who offered a very high quality product, but there were an equal number of websites who offered something that barely resembled 10x Salvia divinorum or even 5x. New terms began to emerge, and the two that eventually caught on were “crude” or “bulk”, which later became known as “non-standardized”. These were all referring to the same product, and a product that simply didn’t contain a measured amount of the active ingredients, but a certain amount of dried leaf infused back onto a measured amount of dried leaf. The IAmShaman Shop carried BOTH kinds of 10x Salvia divinorum, and initially offered them to make a clear distinction between the different products available. Both kinds have become equally as popular, so we decided to keep them both and even expand on the varieties offered.