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In my continuing quest to enrich our customers experience at the shop, I have almost completed several new features for you, dearest customers and fellow spiritual explorers.  The most exciting, is a completely re-designed shopping cart system, that will not only allow you to log on, create Wish Lists, e-mail products to friends as well as rate them, it will let you know EXACTLY where your order is, complete with notes about any product that might be backordered, as well as Order Histories, and one-click re-ordering.  In addition, we’ve got an extremely robust Live Help system now with extended hours, so you can get more Live Help more often.  Finally, we’ve got a completely new menu system for whenever you call.  We’ve got more options, better call transfers, on hold music, and more. I built this shop to offer an experience that is rivaled by no one else, while trying to offer the best products at the best prises, but I also want to ensure that entire process along the way is as smooth and pleasant as possible.  We look forward to seeing you on the other side! – Sarva Shanti, Bodhi


  1. flynn liu

    hello i was reading your blog and wanted to ask you a question about dream herb, what is an effective dream herb for inducing prophetic sexual dreams? thanks, liu

  2. Bodhi Shaman

    I highly recommend for all info about the best herbs for dreaming.

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