How Fresh Are Your Products?

There are actually several factors that go in my ability to confidently say that not only are our products fresh; they’re both the freshest and of higher quality as well.  Bear with me as I explain why I can make such a bold statement:

First, we fill more orders in a day than most other entheogen vendors combined.  We’ve been The IAmShaman Shop for so many years now, that our system runs like a well-oiled machine, even on the busiest of days.  Because of this, our stock is constantly rotating.  We also used to get one shipment per year but we now have some of the most popular products growing in various places in the world so harvests occur at different times throughout the year.

Second,we buy DIRECT from most of our growers, or we grow products ourselves.  We know exactly how the plant was grown, how it was harvested, and are in complete control of the process from beginning to end.  We have our own farms and can’t always sell all that they produce ourselves, so we wholesale sometimes as well.  So, if someone claims to have fresher product than us, there’s a good chance that it’s hype.

Third, we only deal manufacturers and wholesalers who can provide a product that will stand up to our own scrutiny.  We work with many of the products we offer ourselves, so it’s critically important that they maintain the high standard that IAmShaman and Shaman’s Garden prides itself on.

Many think that becuase we offer lower prices than most of our competitors, that our quality MUST be lower, but it’s simply because you’re buying direct when you buy from us; there are FAR fewer “middlemen” in the process of growing, harvesting, and getting a plant to you.

Finally, the shop is far more than a shop to all of here.  It’s been my mission to help raise consciousness, even in some small way, on entheogens, shamanism, and the altered states of consciousness that have the power to reveal our true nature.  We’ve been denied this on a grand scale, and we’ve also been denied the use of powerful plant allies because of low quality, old stock,  overprocessing, and adulteration by suppliers looking to “stretch” their stock.

That could never happen here.  We care too much about what we do, and truly, we care more about customer satisfaction than anyone else we know.  When you make a purchase from us, you’re also helping to take another step forward in fighting for the freedom to explore what lies in the depths of our own minds.

Read our “Mission Statement” for more…


  1. John

    Hey I really dig the idea behind what you guys are doing here. I have been the shaman for my friends for years now and when I recently stumbled upon your site I decided to try and mix some herbs to help my friends reach a good dream state. Currently they are taking Alpha Brain, but after doing research I found that Alpha brain contains many of the plants that you sell here. I Look forward to becoming a member of your blog and hopefull sharing my experiences with other people. Much of what I do for people is help them identify a problem that they are having and using herbs as a means to heal or assist my friends.

  2. Bodhi Shaman


    I get really excited to hear about people personally experimenting with herbal products. It’s a lost art, and it’s not nearly as difficult or as dangerous as many would like us to believe. Coming up with a blend to increase dreaming is one of my favorite tasks, and Dreamer’s Blend was developed after countless personal trials of finding a perfect balance of herbs to help support and increase dream recall.

    If you come up with a blend you like, I wouldn’t want you to give away any secrets, but we definitely are interested in hearing what you managed to accomplish.


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