“How Do I Choose a Dreaming Herb?”

It all depends on the person, really.  The Dreamer’s Blend works great for some people, and has a variety of dreaming herbs in it, making it less concentrated, but more effective for a wider range of person. The Calea zacatechichi is just that; pure Calea and nothing else.  But, some find the taste offensive, and don’t like to make it into a tea or roll it into a smoke before going to bed.  I’ve actually received comments such as; “The Calea tastes like Donkey Piss!”, but I find it the most effective of all the dreaming herbs, and I also find the taste….well, not bad at all.  (Draw your own conclusions…)

Honestly, though, part of the joy of discovering entheogens and other teaching plants is the journey of discovering them, and discovering which ones are your “allies”.  We are all vastly different people, and just like everything else, different herbs will please some and not others. Really, they’re inexpensive enough to try more than one, so empower yourself and experiment, try both out to see which one works for you.  For me, one of the most amazing gifts we have as humans is the ability to explore our consciousness outside of these frames, and one of the most vivid pathways to this exploration is through lucid dreaming.

Being an avid lucid dreamer myself, I truly believe that this is something that can be both taught and learned by virtually every human.  We already know how to dream….lucid dreaming is simply taking that a step further to harness that power, and take control of the dream world…a world that is often just as tangible and real as the one we dream in on a daily basis.

Peacefulness, Bodhi


  1. Angela

    Where would one find this dreamer’s blend, or the Calea?

  2. Viv

    The more authentic experience data available the better. Dreaming is a gift of nature…can’t wait for my Calea to be bushy enough for me to try some. Like a virgin waiting for my wedding night lol!!

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