I am Shaman T-ShirtAfter having a deeply spiritual, undeniable experience with Salvia divinorum that changed my life forever, I had a dream to spread the word about and raise consciousness on the powerful plants and plant teachers used by indigenous cultures since before recorded time.  These cultures are not only disappearing at an alarming rate, they’ve been systematically destroyed, ignored, and denied throughout history by the dominant and violent religions of the world.  None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for so many people caring about our shop and our work, and for that we are eternally grateful.  We show our thanks in keeping our prices low, by keeping the quality extraordinarily high, by continually researching and adding new products that we believe in.

Read how Entheogens are NOT Drugs, or check out my Mission Statement on Entheology.com or my Mission Statement on Shaman’s Garden, read more on me; Bodhi Shaman (as I’m known in the spiritual explorer community) on my personal blog, or go over to one of my labors of love at Entheology.com. Or, simply read the Salvia Diaries as I slowly organize many years of experiences that led me to start the forum that eventually led to me starting this shop for the sole reason of offering the Salvia divinorum I learned to extract from a dear member of that forum.  My “Entheogens: More Than Chemical Reactions” article also explains the scientific basis for my beliefs, but that is truly only scratching the surface of what I hope to accomplish with all this.

In fact, that original dream expanded into more than I ever imagined possible, and I was left with a choice to continue my career of 15 years as a record producer, or leave the music industry behind to embrace the path that had opened to me because of the deeply spiritual experiences I had with Salvia divinorum.  I was opened to a place I call “the void” and discovered a state I now refer to as a “non-body” state that felt more natural to me than any state I had known in this rickety human frame.  The authenticity of these experiences were undeniable, and within those experiences I touched the hand of the Divine, I experienced a universal, non-local consciousness that connects every one of us together, and I have since repeatedly had experiences that match, in every detail, the very definition of a religious experience.

I’ve spent over a decade (2000-PRESENT) building our series of online shops and informational sites into something more than I ever dreamed.  During that time I’ve been lucky enough to travel to places like Oaxaca, Mexico; the home of Salvia divinorum, to Iquitos in the Amazon Rainforest to study with curanderos, to sacred places in Cambodia and Thailand that hold secrets to the often-denied significance of the Amanita muscaria in various major religious systems, to Paleolithic Caves in France and Spain that leave me convinced that Shamanism is the Root of Spirituality, that Religious Belief Sprang from Divine Fertility, and that Jesus Was A Healer and Shaman.  It’s also enabled me and my loyal team to work with M.A.P.S., while also freeing me to speak at conferences on entheogens, to topics of NonDuality and the Garden of Eden, to spending time at places like Burning Man where I’ve met some of the most articulate, self-aware, and lucid beings on the planet.

I’ve also been given the gift of having the time to re-examine everything I had been taught was true.  I know now that we are so much more than we’ve been led to believe, and I will remain forever convinced that entheogens and teacher plants are just one of the many pathways to the Divine.  But, since most have been made illegal by the powers that be, we can at least still have the energy of those powerful teachers around us, and we can share our own stories and experiences we’ve had in the places it still remains legal to work with some of these powerful plant teachers.

Sarva Shanti, Bodhi (Keith)