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In a “Why didn’t I do this before?” moment, I have finally added a blog to The IAmShaman Shop and have called it, quite predictably; The IAmShaman Blog.  This is yet another attempt to interact with our treasured customers, offering whatever I can to whomever wishes to share anything they wish to share (within, of course, guidelines that respect the rules we already have in place at the IAmShaman Shop).  As long as any posts here follow the Terms & Conditions strictly adhered to at the shop, I am willing to listen, discuss, ponder, and share, whether it’s suggestions, product-related questions, questions about me, my beliefs, or my philosophy regarding my shop or life in general, ideas for new products, questions about old products, or events or music or anything else I should know about or see.  This blog will inevitably evolve over time, so please bear with me as i learn this new (to me) medium.  It truly is important to me that people know I am a real person just like you who simply wanted to find a way to spread the knowledge about amazing plants to as many people as possbile while we have the freedom to do so, while doing my best to help with other causes I believe in, outlined HERE. – Sarva Shanti, Bodhi P.S. To post a question, simply click any of the “Comments” links below each post.


  1. andy chomicz

    Hi Bodhi. How are you?
    I just read your description for your Calea zacatechichi product and found that the wording was nearly identical to what I saw published on on a competitors website. I just wonder who originally produced the copy?
    happiness, andy

  2. admin

    If our descriptions are not original copy by me, it is taken from public domain sources. If it’s not written by me or taken from public domain sources, such as the Calea information you are referencing, we credit the authors as best we can. This is the case for the information we have for the Calea dried herbal product, which you can see by clicking this link:

    Often, there is so little information about certain entheogens and ethnobotanicals, that copy writers will have the same source from which thel pull their information. We do our best to credit everyone possible, wherever possible, and even offer affiliate links to those who would like to be credited, and maybe make a few extra dollars in commissions for their efforts. – Hope this helps, and Many Blesings! – Bodhi

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