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Dream Herb Calea ZacatechichiI’m super excited at how much DREAMHERBS has taken off recently, so I couldn’t help plugging that project a bit here.  If you have any interest in lucid dreaming, if you want to better recall your dreams, if you want to learn about the many plants that have been used around the world to increase dream recall, then that’s a website you can’t miss.  If you have experiences you want to have interpreted by me or the community, that’s a great place to visit as well.
I’ve added personal step-by-step instructions on how I’ve been able to have more lucid dreams over the past 2 decades of my life than I’ve been able to keep track of.  Personally, I’ve tried out all the pills, herbs, dreaming machines, and anything else that others claim have helped them to dream or to wake up in their dreams for over 20 years now.  With a dream journal dating back to 1993, and a deep passion for learning how to wake up in my dreams, my passion for lucid dreaming hasn’t waned in the least over that time.
In fact, I’ve only become more intensely interested as more people and products appear that are intended to help induce lucid dreaming.  What has worked for me may not work for you, but DREAMHERBS is definitely a place to start if you have some passion in this area of human exploration, and want to find herbal aids in increasing your frequency of lucid dreams as well as your ability to recall your dreams.
Here at IAmShaman/ShamansGarden, we’re limited in the advice we can offer, but we carry as wide a range of natural herbal dream enhancers as possible.  DreamHerbs discusses a number of plants, and we typically have various forms of those plants in stock whenever possible.  One of my favorite plants to help induce lucid dreaming is a plant called Calea zacatachichi. (Which you can find for sale here.)  I’ve been using it for over a decade, and not only has it most definitely increased the occurrence of lucid dreams, it has also helped me with dream recall as well.
And my reason for writing about this today, is that I have been working hard on that website, ignoring this one for far too long, and this seemed like a great way to tie the two together.  Since we offer Calea zacatechichi seeds here, I thought I’d share some of the photos of the seeds from my own garden, available for purchase on IAmShaman and ShamansGarden.  These seeds are lovingly grown from mother plants that have been in my garden for over 5 years.  The plants have now reached a height of 20 feet as they’ve formed a symbiotic relationship with the Tree of Life I have in my garden.  That tree, covered in tiny spikes, has been there a very long time, and the Calea, though not an invasive plant, has wrapped itself around the tree and slinked its way up onto the branches.  
Plants have an amazing intelligence, and I can’t help wondering if both of these plants are offering something to the other.  My Tree of Life seems to flower much more since the Dream Herb has intertwined itself with the tree.  Since Calea is one of the few plants in my garden that pests don’t like, I can’t help wondering if it’s offering some sort of protection for the Tree of Life.  Perhaps it’s letting off a noxious odor to would-be pests who prevent the tree from flowering as much as it might otherwise.  Either way, I’ll probably never know for sure.  But we all get to enjoy the fruits of that symbiosis in the form of the largest harvest of Calea seeds I’ve ever had!
There were so many seeds that I am still sifting through the pods and separating the seeds out of them.  If there is any interest in the pods, they are fewer in number, but if someone makes a request at shamanelf at iamshaman dot com, I’d be happy to sell you a pod instead of individual seeds.  If you’re interested in knowing when and how to harvest the seeds, take a look at my simultaneously-posted article in DREAMHERBS called “Harvesting Calea Seeds“.  It’s got a few pictures of the seed pods and seeds from our own IAmShaman and ShamansGarden gardens.
Keith (Bodhi)
P.S. On a side note, I’ve posted 5 articles in total today; two of the others deal with Kava and my passion for it.  You can see the full Summary on CLEVERSLEY.COM, in a post very boringly called “22 FEB 2016 Post Summary“.

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