3 Lotus Paste for Meditation

Three Lotus PasteAs I’ve posted several times before; we pride ourselves on the growing number of unique Shamanic Tools from around the world, and from many traditions. One of the items we’re most proud of as well is the Three Lotus Paste from Tibet. People don’t always believe us when we tell them that this unique and powerful blend is hand-crafted only for us by a group of Tibetan monks who have used this recipe for as long as they have recorded their history.

This blend is a powerful combination of three lotuses.  In the proper setting, it is smoked in a very small amount with and often blended with a favorite herb, where it reportedly opens up mental centers and promotes not only a clarity of mind, but a deep and profound connection with the animal world.

As a customer wrote us; “Deeply affecting. Subtle but encompassing. The effects of triple lotus paste are felt entirely on the spiritual plane. Perceptive to only the sensitive and energetically pure.  Partaking alone, I feel my spirit stand on tip toe. Literally, my awareness levitates four inches higher than normal. Without hallucination, like a bird, or an out of body experience, I can see “all of this” clearly – the pieces seem to lock into place and the puzzle makes sense.

As another customer said; “My Lover and I’s already nonverbal communication skyrocketed to an undeniable ‘psychic’ state. He was overwhelmed with emotion, sobbing joy, – a pure conduit for life force, entirely in his power – the biggest I have ever seen him. I was consumed with receptivity, wide open for information or consolation or reflection – in my power – the most vast I have ever been.”

This blend is very similar to our Bali Blend Tea, but it’s highly concentrated into a smokeable resin-like paste.  Even the scent of this blend is intoxicating, and makes a welcome addition to any herbal smoking blend intended to relax and soothe.

The other use for this paste is to add to wine, just like Sacred Blue Lily and Blue Lotus petals typically are.  We’ve added 1 gram of paste to the wine, and then gently stir it in a re-corked bottle so the wine doesn’t oxidize.  The paste slowly and evenly dissolves over a few hours, making the magical Lotus wine in a few hours rather than a couple of weeks.

We’re so passionate about this natural herbal blend that I’m always interested to hear what kind of experiences others have had with this unique and potent blend.


  1. Tonya Kay

    I can attest to the non-verbal communication aspects of 3 Lotus. This is my absolute favorite offering from IAmShaman. It is so powerful, that just inhaling the scent of 3 Lotus paste raises my consciousness. In a tangible way: my awareness seems to jump up out of my energetic mind center to a non-physical point about 5 inches over my third eye. Beautiful plants obviously combined in a caring method preserving and possibly amplifying their potency by being together.

  2. Charles

    I am not able to smoke and only use vaporizers. Would I be able to use this paste in a vaporizer?

  3. Bodhi Shaman


    Our paste is often used in vaporizers. It has a lot of essential oil from the plants, making it very combustible, and very vape friendly.

    Let us know your experience so we can share with others who are curious about 3 Lotus Paste vaped instead of smoked!


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