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The #1 “Ask Bodhi” Question Q: Are your products for incense purposes only? A: As a provider of many products not yet approved by the FDA, and as a provider of some products listed as poisons by the FDA, we are required, by law, to adhere to certain guidelines. One of these guidelines is that we are not allowed to offer advice for most of our products, so please don’t press us for information, even if you state that the information is for educational purposes only, if you are in a place where the thing you are asking about is legal, or want to know what would happen if a small animal accidentally ingested any of our products. We are also not doctors and could never dispense any advice related to the introduction of anything into the body in any way. Our products are made with extremely exacting standards and the utmost care is taken in producing them. Everything we sell is just as nature intended; organically grown or wildcrafted, without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides that could lessen germination rates of seeds, and alter the preservation of the plants in their pure state. Any extracts are made from organic grain alcohol or distilled water under strictly controlled conditions. Plant identification is done by seasoned professionals, and any plant material is purchased only from suppliers who have been in business for a number of years. That being said, we do not sell many items on our site for human consumption, and you must consider many of the items on our website are poisonous. Also, please don’t ask us about traditional use of any of our products; we cannot answer such questions either, partly because we don’t claim that any of our historical information as factual, and do not want to inadvertently mislead anyone in any way with inaccurate information. We are also not doctors, and could never offer advice on any of our herbal products, especially when it comes to how or if they interact with any other product, edible or inedible. Further information can be found in our “Terms & Conditions” and on our “FAQ” page.


  1. Loren

    Will you simply discontinue the product if Salvia Divinorum becomes scheduled in Illinois?

  2. shon

    if you can not talk about traditional uses of these things,
    fx on mammals,
    or anything,
    what do you expect to talk about?
    Just go to,
    That being said,
    Iamshaman (except fot traditional, shamanic, or human use)
    is a great site!!
    -Keep up, uh, whatever it is you do here.

  3. John Mc Carthy

    Hi Bodhi
    ………my package arrived yesterday in the mail,

    ( next day service ..awesome)

    in the middle of an east coast heat wave and

    lots of stormy weather at night ………..

    this was my first time with legal herb……………………

    I was nothing but amazed ……..

    I am completely satisfied and give you a 5 star

    rating… massive kool.

    I will be back… count on it.

    Thank you …….

    Much Peace

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